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HTMLFlowers, Jessica Says, Sezzo Snot and more share their party essentials

8 November 2017 | 11:06 am | Staff Writer

Melbourne's biggest week in music (aptly titled MELBOURNE MUSIC WEEK) is quickly approaching, and once again this year will see a slew of innovative events designed to highlight the consistently brilliant Melbourne music scene in all its glory over an entire week. From gigs in unconventional venues to FACE THE MUSIC conference, label showcases and even some international headliners, MMW 2017 promises to be one of its best versions yet.

One particular event, 'MISCELLANEA', is one such innovative show. Held in Melbourne Town Hall, it's a multi-label takeover of the iconic Melbourne Town Hall, with more than 20 artists performing over three levels of the Melbourne landmark. Featuring just about everyone you'd be excited about in the up-and-coming Melbourne scene, MILK! RECORDSAARGHT RECORDSHEAVY MACHINERY RECORDSWONDERCORE ISLAND and CHAPTER MUSIC have all joined forces to present their own line-up, while HTRK headlines the main room which also features a variety of fantastic artists.

Shaping up to be one huge party, it can be easy to forget the essentials in all the fuss and excitement in the lead up to such an event. Thankfully, we've got some must-have essentials from some of the artists playing 'MISCELLANEA' to give you their tips on how to go to a party and make it out alive. Check it out below, and for more info and tickets to 'MISCELLANEA', head HERE.

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#1: "A great excuse to avoid talking to anyone."

#2: "Weed cookies from the internet."


#1: "Incriminating Polaroid photos of party goer you are black mailing. To be left in a pile of LP records which you know the party goer will look through, thus bringing them further into your web of intrigue."

#2: "A rubber mask that resembles the face of the individual you intend to frame for your crimes. To be worn while staring down your victim from end of a long corridor."


#1: "Lack eye-patch, preferably leather, to make you look cool."

#2: "Socks - as well as a foot covering socks are useful for chilling beers while driving - just wet the sock and pop the can inside, then hang it out the window to cool in the breeze. Same can be done in a boat. Also useful for covering microphones in excessively windy conditions and transporting feisty crustaceans from water to BBQ."


#1: "My vape with extra mango liquid. I’m a freshly quit smoker & as soon as I see a cigarette my mouth starts watering. I need all the help I can get to resist the temptation, & sometimes the vape helps you to meet people because they are curious."

#2: "A best girlfriend. All I need to make a magical night is a girl friend with a spirit of adventure who wants to dance to the end of the rainbow and we can take care of each other."

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


#1: "My needs are psychological so #1 is a v happy go lucky group of people w good taste but not snobby but not too cheesy either."

#2: "Secondly, a boring convo exit strategy - save the concept pitches for emails and ur personal take on Deleuze for your thesis lol I'm dancin rn THX BABE."


Sunday 19 November, 2017

Melbourne Town Hall, 4:30 PM

Full line-up:

Main Hall

Featuring HTRK + Underground Lovers (ft. Grand Organ) + Taipan Tiger Girls (ft. Grand Organ) + CORIN (ft. Grand Organ) + SEZZO SNOT

Yarra Room

Milk! Records presents Jade Imagine + Fraser A. Gorman + Loose Tooth + East Brunswick All Girls Choir

Swanston Hall

Aarght Records presents Tyrannamen + friendships + Time For Dreams + School Damage + Spotting

Melbourne Room 

Heavy Machinery Records presents Crypt Vapor + Elisabeth Dixon + Tanzer + Lovers of the Black Bird

The Portico

Wondercore Island presents Clever Austin + Jaala Vs Man + HTMLflowers + Superfeather + Wondercore Island DJs

Council Chambers 

Chapter Music presents Fabulous Diamonds + Jessica Says + Laura Jean + David Chesworth + Guy Blackman + Gregor.