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With their mammoth 15 date tour underway, Go Freek share their tour essentials

8 August 2019 | 2:22 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

With their 15 date tour underway, Go Freek put together a list of things they simply can't live without on tour.

Sydney's GO FREEK are no strangers to the dark, underground clubs of Sydney, heck Australia even. The duo have long been innovators of the club, offering up nothing but good vibes and a bangin' environment to let your hair down in.

They return with their new single, 'One Question', and it sees them doing things a little differently.

Former Parachute Youth member, Yeah Boy features on the vocal, imparting their impactful, soulful touch to the duo's hefty 'gutter tech'. It's a different sort of approach for Go Freek, their sound usually encompassing a four-to-the-floor sort of vibe, but 'One Question' sees them opting to collaborate and approach creating with more of a pop mindset.

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That's not to say that there's no cutting-edge electronic aspect to this track, because that's ultimately what it is. The addition of Yeah Boy on the vocals adds a totally new dimension to their boys' sound, and seeing them dip their toes into this world is an exciting one.

The track itself is a shuffling, chopped and skewed bass-fest, topped off with a beautifully rich and polished vocal line. Soft breaks dot the arrangement, while synth stabs bring this into deeper, darker territory.

Go Freek are taking the track around the country for what's set to be their biggest tour yet. With the tour already under way, they'll be headlining 14 more dates. The tour is set to take them all across the country, from Thredbo to Bunbury, Melbourne to Cairns, and it's going to be l a r g e.

With the tour in mind, we asked Go Freek to put together a list of things they simply can't live without on tour. Take a read below.


These are something you should never lend to other DJs, for another DJ to borrow one from you you must make them sign a written agreement in blood that they will not “accidentally” leave the club before giving it back. It’s easily done and headphones are useless without one. I’ve accidentally taken a few myself over my time tbh I have quite a good collection at the moment... New mixers now have aux inputs so good news for those who have been robbed a few times.



Imagine your phone running out of battery, wow you could die!? But seriously if your phone runs dead and you can’t get a vid of some great content or a boomerang of your meal then it never happened!



I never used to get headaches as part of hangovers but with older age it seems to be a bit of a package deal when it comes to having a few too many (throw in 6 hours of loud kick drums) 2 of those little bad boys can bring you back to life.



There’s been too many times I’ve rolled up to a hotel and they have a cracking pool or got off a plane in say, the Sunshine Coast and didn’t have my mum there reminding me that the weather might be different in another state, sounds obvious but standing in jeans holding on to a pool fence can be a little sticky...



Repping the merch of the record label that reps us! Shout out to Sweat It Out / Club Sweat for the love over the years and giving the music a good home! Also great for when you haven’t got anything new and flashy to wear, it’s a safe look!


Friday, August 2

Shoal Bay Country Club, Shoal Bay

Saturday, August 10

Poco Loco, Central Coast

Saturday, August 17

Treat Danceclub, Melbourne

Saturday, August 31

Old Soul, Sunshine Coast

Sunday, September 1

Pier 33, Noosa

Friday, September 6

Prohibition, Brisbane

Saturday, September 7

Fat Controller, Adelaide

Friday, September 13

Civic Underground, Sydney

Saturday, September 14

Kella Bar, Thredbo

Friday, September 20

Fitzgeralds, Bunbury

Saturday, September 21

Geisha Bar, Perth

Saturday, September 25

Otherwise, Townsville

Friday, October 4

King Street, Newcastle

Saturday, October 5

The Attic, Cairns

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