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Tour Essentials: Cosmo's Midnight

6 March 2015 | 9:45 pm | Hannah Galvin

Cosmo's Midnight are currently on tour to launch their latest single, 'Snare'. In between partying, they gifted us insight on their essential touring items.

The impression that those creative curly haired twins leave on their fans sure is a good 'un. I am indeed referring to Cosmo and Patrick Liney, otherwise known as COSMO'S MIDNIGHT.

Part of the elite Astral People roster, they've recently pushed out some crafty magic (ie. 'Snare' and the '2k15emotionalvip' rework of their debut single, 'Phantasm') to not only keep us bopping along, but to also psych us up for their national tour; one that will mainly focus on launching said single, 'Snare'.

Considering the adventurous roadtrip, we called shotgun on the front seat to gain insight on what the boys deem as necessity in their travelling backpacks. Here's what Pat left us with!

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1. Laptop

Laptop is my lifeblood. The screen is almost broken and flickers constantly and the fan sounds like a jet engine so we're gonna have to replace the laptop very soon. Going to miss those super rare stickers from Japan :"(


2. APC

APC is slowly falling apart, faders missing, knobs fall off all the time, and rattles when u shake it but it still gets the job done, bless.


3. Nintendo Gamecube

Perfect for curing hotel boredom ~ picked up 2 new controllers while we were in Japan and the thing fits in a backpack and never breaks so it's perfect for taking around on tour.


4. Headphones

Bought these lush headphones from a vintage synth shop in Tokyo, they are so damn good for production so I can easily recommend them to everyone ~ ATH-m50x. Also perfect for making music on the plane, cab, hotel whatever.


5. Nintendo DS

Me and Cos both have a DS so facing off in Mario Kart or Smash Bros on the plane is the ultimate time killer. I also have a sick Korg MS-20 synth on my DS which is cool for stupid lil ideas.


Friday, 6th March

Civic Underground, Sydney


Saturday, 7th March

At The Pile @ Gilkinsons Dance Studio, Perth

Tickets on the door

Saturday, 14th March

Little & Olver, Melbourne

Tickets on the door

Saturday, 21st March

The Helm, Sunshine Coast

Tickets on the door

Words by Hannah Galvin.