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Tour Essentials: Benson

4 November 2015 | 4:05 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Just in time for the festival season, we asked Benson for a list of some of the things he can't live without on tour.

Aside from being one of the biggest tricksters in dance music, BENSON's an incredible producer and label head too. Medium Rare Recordings is one of his homes, and the other is his actual home in Melbourne.

His latest single, currently out through Sweat It Out!, features Thom Crawford and has this gorgeous late night vibe that you can really get down to. I feel like you need to grab someone to dance to with this one; 'Hollow' gets a little steamy there for a bit. It's got a classic house feel in the production, but it's that club bounce that really sets it apart.

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He just polled in at #15 in this year's Stoney Roads producer of the year! He's also just been announced on the Beyond The Valley bill alongside like a billion other incredible artists, so with a new single, national recognition and some really cool festival slots, this producer's got a very busy few months coming up.

And just in time for the festival season, we asked Benson for a list of some of the things he can't live without on tour. If you follow him on Facebook at all, some of these will look a little familiar to you, but it's all in the explanation.



Pretty much every town has a KFC these days, which is great because usually when I pack my own KFC its an absolute nightmare to get through airport security. People on planes always look at you funny when you whip out a 9 piece feed on a 1 hour domestic flight.These days I just eat it at my destination (it's much easier). It’s a 100% tour essential for me.

benson joyride

Body Guard/Tour Manager

This is my friend JOYRIDE. He’s terrible at both of these roles but I just like having him around really. He’s a great guy and can knock off 24 beers over a 6 hour window. Who wouldn’t want him around?

benson USA

My USA Jocks

I always play better when I'm wearing these. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they provide plenty of LOLs for the punters. Which is the main thing.

roller blades

Roller Blades

Always love going for a solid 6 to 8 hour blade session before I hit the decks, its therapeutic and also very good for your aerobic fitness.


My Parents

My parents are the turn up kings, they’re the true number 1 party starters. Everyone likes getting LIT with the FAM yeah?