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Broadway Sounds take us back to Splendour 2017 with their tour diary

11 August 2017 | 8:53 am | Lloyd Crackett

Thanks to Red Bull Sound Select, Broadway Sounds, with some of Australia's freshest talents hauled up together over Splendour and here are their BTS snaps

Thanks to Red Bull Sound Select, some of the coolest artists Australia has to offer were given a kickass house and a camera to document the full behind the scenes experience of Splendour in The Grass 2017. RBSS works with artists all over the globe to facilitate tastemakers of all walks of life to come together and not only have a great time, but produce live shows worth seeing, music worth hearing and experiences you'll never forget.

The always energetic BROADWAY SOUNDS were joined by some of their neatest pals, including Mansionair, B Wise, Jonti, GL and ATLA in these behind the scenes snaps. Living up that artist life, these pics show how the entertainment entertain themselves before and after they have finished giving the goods at the Red Bull Sound Select Party on the Thursday night before all the huge Splendour festivities kicked off.

Check out the snaps below with captions from Broadway Sounds.

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Jen with Hannah and Jules from ALTA, pre Red Bull Sound Select show. Hannah and Jules are absolute sweethearts and their show was so tight - futuristic off kilter bass heavy electronic music that has an ethereal vocal presence in Hannah's singing. The great thing about the night was that every act had set up their own space in the musical universe; no one sounded like one another - which is a credit to the team at Red Bull Sound Select!

Sunset from our bedroom window on the outskirts of Byron Bay. I think we were listening to Steely Dan or something at the time, which only heightened our sense of bliss (never mind the Stone & Woods' we were drinking).

This is a photo that ADP from Broadway Sounds took during one of our lectures. The legends B Wise and Jules from Alta were really paying attention here... no time for happy snaps! We have music careers to further!

This was at dinner on a Monday in Byron Bay with Mansionair, B Wise, Jonti and BroadwaySounds, after a few espresso martinis. Meeting new people can be easy if you try. Fun + fun = more fun!

Jen and ADP at a house party at on day seven. Schoolboy Q DJ-ed or something. I was happy here - just had to hang tough ya know. The facial hair was an attempt to grow the 'we are in the studio making a record beard' but that was as far as I got with that.

 Phil doing the good samaritan's work the morning after the Red Bull Sound Select show and inevitable after show party back at the house. He cleaned the house spotless, an amazing feat because the house was a total mess.

 "My name is Jen, and I be puttin' the soul into this horn" - Broadway Sounds onstage on the Thursday night.

ADP and Phil from Broadway Sounds onstage in action and wearing our Yevu shirts amongst all the purple rain in the background. I don't think you can see the sweat dripping of our faces - our music is pretty high energy and party as, maybe we wiped down mid-song.

ADP and Graeme from GL. Old mates! Always got a smile on my face when I hang with this guy. You can tell I have just come off stage because I am just wearing a shirt and Graeme is rugged up sensible styles.


B Wise going hard to a packed tent on the Thursday night. I am always impressed when mc's command a stage solo and make it work, as opposed to roping in a small crew of homies to fulfil hypemen duties. B Wise has a strong stage presence, and as I learned staying with him for a week, has a strong presence off stage too - he's a good one!

ADP contemplating what it's all about, or how to re-route signals in Ableton live.

Jen on the first night near the pool, having a special moment. Later that evening we jumped in the spa and it was blazing hot.

ADP and Jonti hanging in the studio. We were probably talking about The Beach Boys. We talked a lot about the Beach Boys!

Red Bull Sound Select @ Splendour in the Grass

Mix Up Stage, Thursday July 20, 2017

ft. Mansionar, Sampa The Great, GL, B Wise, Alta & Broadway Sounds.