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Made In Paris & Luke Alessi's top five secret weapons from forces in Australia’s techno scene

2 August 2019 | 5:21 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

With Luke Alessi's 'Ara' EP out today via Made In Paris' label Upon Access, they shared their top 5 secret weapons from forces in Australia's techno scene.

Today, Melbourne's LUKE ALESSI is releasing his latest EP, a two-track offering titled Ara. It's out via his newfound home at Upon Access, a label curated by Sydney techno producer Made In Paris. His addition to the roster is a no brainer, his mystifying brand of techno guaranteed to take you on a sonic journey with all sorts of twists and turns along the way.

The EP opens with the title track, Ara. It's a wobbly low-end heavy jam with jerky synths and a shuffling beat. The intensity progresses as more instruments are added. Varying audio effects throughout pull us in and tear us away at apt moments, giving us more depth as this slow burner builds.

The EP's B-side, 'Occulation', focuses our attention on those sweet, Moog basslines. The arpeggiated melody builds with the percussion, making for a sweet, slow release of nothing but that airy bass. It's a peak set track, with the minimal nature of the drop readily juxtaposing the track's strong build.

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Ara is a stellar offering from a producer who continually one ups himself with each release.

He's teamed up with Made In Paris to put together a list of some of their favourite secret weapons to drop into a set. All of the artists featured are Aussie favourites of theirs. Dive in below.

Colyn – Amor

Luke: Colyn is one to watch, his production is incredible. I first got into him when I heard his intergalactic banger 'Orbital Hypnosis'. Then I heard he released a tune on my favourite label After Life, so I had to check it out and it did not disappoint. A moody, melodic techno weapon with a delicate but powerful LFO synth that I can only describe as the sound of an angels wings fluttering as they float above you!

Tunnelvisions - Rain Dance

Paris: Tunnelvisions have truly created something special with this track. The break beat feel amongst the multiple layers of synth work brings out this infectious groove. I find it the perfect track to break free from the 4x4 tracks during my set and inject a lot of joy into the room.

Jordan Brando & William Kiss – 202

Luke: Jordan Brando & William Kiss are two of Melbourne's finest up and comers in my opinion. Both are killing it in their own right and this record is a great example of what happens when you put a groovy tech-house artist with a big melodic techno one in the same room. HUGE TUNE.

Super Flu – Acumulee

Paris: I’ve been a huge fan of the Super Flu guys right back from 2011 when their track 'Shine' was released. Their production since then has always had a spot in my library and this track is no exception! The low end of the track was made for the club & they top it off with this plucky lead synth that makes you want to move.

Tim Engelhardt – Catharsis

Luke: Tim... honestly one of if not my favourite producer right now. Anything he touches turns to gold. I listen to this song at least once a day, each time hearing something new. Such finesse in all of his work you can tell he really takes care in his music, and he is 21.... madness.

Photo of Luke Alessi: SUPPLIED

Photo of Made In Paris by Self Tape