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Lil Halima's top five Norwegian artists

18 January 2019 | 11:10 am | Caitlin Medcalf

We're very familiar with the previous work of LIL HALIMA here at Purple Sneakers. We've previously talked about the Norwegian artist's penchant for diving deep into complex songwriting that touches on rather melancholy topics. Citing artists like SZA and James Blake as influences, the way she pairs production complexities with her instantly recognisable voice, you can really feel this.

She's kicking off 2019 with a bang and a new single - 'Hold Me'. It's going to feature on her forthcoming EP for the dark days, which you can expect on February 22.

The track sees her level up as both a vocalist and a producer. The nuances in the production work hard to highlight the beautiful harmonies she's played with both in her vocals and the instrumentals. 'Hold Me' tugs on your heartstrings from the opening bar, and with each passing moment, the intensity of the track ramps up, leaving us with only but the quiver of the piano's final notes.

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She's set to follow up for the dark days a little later in the year with another EP. The series will offer a conceptual insight into her life in Northern Norway - from the endless darkness of the Norwegian winter to the constant sunlight of the summer.

To get to know Lil Halima and her surrounds a little better, we asked her to share with us her top five artists out of Norway. Take a listen below!


Norway holds so many treasures. I don't actually listen to as much Norwegian music as I feel like an average person in Norway does, but these songs you really just can't miss. 


Feel Fine - Emilie Nicolas

I mean HOW can you not love this. She is out of this world still so very human and the song is just AH. You HAVE to listen to this one. 


I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend - Girl In Red

I know this girl and she's not just super funny and cute, her music is so good and authentic.


Move On - Charlotte Dos Santos

I didn't know about her until I saw her perform on colors. Her voice is so soothing and her harmonies just sits so well. Her voice drags me in, and I listen.


Lover Where Do You Live - Highasakite

This song. This song has been in my heart for years, "And if I ever see you again, my love. all I'm ever gonna do is send shivers down your spine." I cant.


Through The Eyes Of A Child - Aurora

If you want to hear a story, from one of the greatest storytellers out there, here you go. I love Aurora, its so northern and magical. Her music takes me back to Northern-Norway where I used to binge listen to her music while walking around in the forrest and while laying in bed during the dark days. Her music brings me comfort to the bones.

Grab Lil Halima's 'Hold Me' on your streaming service of choice here.