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To celebrate her foray into collaboration, LÂLKA shares her top five collabs

1 November 2018 | 7:15 am | Caitlin Medcalf

We've been following the journey of Brisbane alt-pop artist LÂLKA since her debut 'Dare You To Love Me' (which we premiered!), and since then she's taken us on an explorative journey through both her sonic and visual wonderlands.

She's had a pretty damn huge year; being handpicked as one of 12 artists to be part of this year's EMCPlay, kicking off her live show series 'LÂLKA & Friends' and now taking it interstate, dropping multiple defining singles as an artist and continually finding ways to deliver and hone her unique approach to creation.

Her newest single 'CTRL ALTer ego' sees her collaborating for the very first time. She's teamed up with PacesHaxx (Kult Kyss) for this shiny new number, and it's definitely an apt collaboration at that. When you think of hard hitting, left-field pop production, it's hard to look past both of these artists. Paces has forever continued to hone is super sunny sound that is the perfect intersection between pop and dance, and Haxx continues to innovate with the weird and wonderful sounds coming out of Kult Kyss.

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On collaboration, she says:

"When I first started making music, I was anti-collaboration because I felt that I needed to protect my art. I needed that time to work in isolation to discover for myself who I was as an artist; I'm a more confident artist now, so it was the right time to collaborate with other producers on this track.

I was very fortunate to work with Paces and Haxx, who have both given their time to work on a project for an artist like myself. Obviously I admire their work but they've also been super fun guys to work with!

This collaborative experience has definitely made me want to collaborate more, not just with bigger name producers, but to also work with my peers in the music industry who are up and coming. Supporting each other is so important."

As it's her first time dipping her toes into the world of collaboration within this project, we thought it would be cool to see what her top five collaborations are.


Flume x KUČKA

The combination of Flume's production techniques and KUČKA's signature vocals is the perfect match in heaven. Icy cool and futuristic. My favourite tracks from Flume's Skin album are the ones featuring KUČKA, but I've included here their latest collab 'Hyperreal'.


Tove Styrke x Elof Loelf

Styrke's latest album 'Sway' was produced by Loelf, and every time I listen to it I'm blown away by how clever the production is. The minimalistic and crisp production is a shift away from Styrke's previous albums, and the result is an edgy album that never ceases to lose its freshness with each listen. I'm sharing the music video for the album's title track because I think it's such a beautiful video. 


Billie Eilish x Vince Staples

Eilish and Staples reworked Eilish's original track 'Watch' into a '&burn' with stripped back production and trap beats. The original was great, this one is even better IMHO. 


Charli XCX x Troye Sivan

Probably the funnest music video released in recent times with all the 90s references. I'm so pumped to kick off my tour with Charli's 1999 Brisbane party... you can guarantee I'll be bopping along to 1999 when Charli performs it! 


LÂLKA with Paces & Haxx - CTRL ALTer ego

This song is my biggest collaboration to date and I'm stoked with how it turned out. I love the music that Paces and Haxx create, so it was super cool to be able to have them contribute to this track. 

Photo by Broadr Lines