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Five records that have inspired the Godtet sound

26 April 2019 | 4:55 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Yesterday was the final night of Panhead Custom Ales' month long residency at Sydney's Brighton Up Bar. They closed out with two of music's best and brightest, with performances from GODTET and Low Flung.

Godtet is the live band project of Sydney multi-instrumentalist Godriguez. He's one hell of a musician, with some of his credits including producing Sampa The Great's The Great Mixtape. Over time, a Godtet performance has come to be of the ethos, 'expect the unexpected'. With different guest musicians and an ever evolving set, they've developed a reputation for rambunctious live performances that embody the raw spirit of live music.

In 2017, he put out his eponymously titled debut under Godtet, employing a full-band live setting onto a tangible, record format. In what feels like an incredibly meditative release, the tracks reflect various musical sessions between Godriguez and some of his pals.

In order to get to know him a little better, we asked him to put together a list of five records that have inspired him and the Godtet sound.

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Yoruba Andabo - El Callejón de los Rumberos

Cuban religious music. Coming from African Yoruba culture. Something about percussion and vocals only is such an archetypal sound and vibe. All the joy, sorrow, simplicity and complexity that this existence has. Our percussionist Dom Kirk hipped me to this. Eternally grateful he did.


Various Artists - Solomon Islands: 'Are 'Are Intimate & Ritual

These days I mainly listen to traditional music from around the world. The instruments, languages and musical information are often ones I’ve never heard before. This compilation from the Solomon Islands has music from the ‘Are ‘Are people. It blew my teensy mind.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Toumani Diabate with Ballake Sissoko - New Ancient Strings

Arguably the 2 greatest kora players of today doing their thing. Another ancient music tradition- where playing music and kora is passed down through generations. The invention in the improvisation is wild.


Bill Frisell - East West

Texture. Space. Guitar trio format. Inspired and taught me so much. Spoke to my fascination in texture. Also the purity and rawness and nowhere-to-hideness of the trio format - ultimate for player interaction. Also melody.


John Scofield - A Go Go

Should be credited as Medeski, Martin and Wood featuring John Scofield. That rhythm section just feels so good - mad vibe. Sco is also the baddest. Super fresh. Classic album.