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Glades' top five inspirations behind their debut full-length, 'To Love You'

6 November 2018 | 2:22 pm | Kyle Fensom

Sydney trio Glades share the visuals for their latest single, 'Do Right', alongside the top five inspirations behind their debut record, To Love You.

Sydney synth-pop trio GLADES released their debut record, To Love You, last week and to celebrate, they've released the visuals for the album's breakout single, the staggeringly popular 'Do Right'. (Check those Spotify stats if you don't believe me). The visuals, much like the song itself, distil what makes the three piece so popular, all neon lighting and glossy, hi vis production with a fizzy chorus that hits your tongue like the sugary rush of a soft drink.

Of their debut record, the trio say that "each song is a stamp in our timelines. We can still so vividly picture every room and every city that we wrote these songs in". So, we figured, what better way to unpack Glades' debut LP than to enlist the band themselves to detail some of the inspirational images, rooms and cities behind their fizzy, neon synth-pop.


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1. Our Airbnb Living Room Studio in LA

We’ve been to LA a total of 4 times over the length of writing the album. This most recent trip we decided to turn the living room of our Airbnb into a studio. It was an amazing space to write! Natural light through the windows, surrounded by nature - it was the right amount of quiet, while not being too secluded from civilization. We wrote songs from the album like Sweetheart and Nervous Energy in this room.

2. Ice Cream

Being in the USA always ruins our diets. No better way to finish the day than ice cream though. These 2 specific ice creams are the ones we always bought. The Peanut Butter one had pieces of peanut butter cups in it, what a concept! And the vanilla bean one. Like normal vanilla, but self-aware.

3. Korean BBQ

It became Sunday night tradition to go to Korean BBQ each week we were in LA. At one point we went 3 times in one week… it’s so good in Koreatown. Obviously. All you can eat! We went with our friends ARIZONA one time, and 7 of us managed to take down 34 plates. I don’t know how. I honestly don’t know how.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

While we were writing the album Karina started watching Grey’s Anatomy and I overheard it from the other room. Someone said, “What do I have to do to get through to you?” Thought that’d make a great song concept. And so Through to You was born.

5. Rental Car Robbery in Beverly Hills

March 2018. There was a restaurant in Beverly Hills that we’d always wanted to go to but could never get to because of waiting lists. One night we got a reservation eventually! Excitement. Amazing food. Walked back to our car to find the back window smashed in… and our backpacks, laptops, recording gear, and back up hard drives gone. We were devastated! Songs that we’d been working on. Gone. (Kids, do not leave things on the backseat of your car.) But we decided to stay and keep going. A kind of middle finger to the robbers. The whole ordeal inspired us to write better songs than the ones we lost. A few days later we wrote Neon Buzz, which made the album. Worth it.

Glades’ debut album ‘To Love You’ is out now. Listen here.

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