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Dro Carey Shares His Top Five Boiler Room Sets

19 May 2016 | 3:02 pm | Tony Kingston

Ahead of his Boiler Room appearance with Cassius Select, Cop Envy and Moriarty, we asked Dro Carey to fill us in on his top five Boiler Room sets.

It's a very exciting time for DRO CAREY (aka Eugene Ward) right now. This Friday he will release his new, Dark Zoo EP, and early next week the man will be appearing on Boiler Room with his peers Cassius Select, Cop Envy and Moriarty. Ahead of the greatly anticipated live broadcast, we asked him to fill us in on his top five Boiler Room sets.

Take it away Eugene!

Mr G

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This is one of my favourite live setups and sets I've ever seen. It's very simple and allows Mr G to bring a huge amount of energy as he mixes in the different elements of the tracks. I think this might have been the first Boiler Room video I ever saw and it's stuck with me ever since. There's that long-running discussion about the tension between what constitutes a live set and what is more of a gear-assisted DJ set - to me this setup represents a fantastic and artful middle ground that captures Mr G's abilities both as DJ and producer.

The Black Madonna

"I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that The Black Madonna is one of the greatest DJs currently performing. This broadcast captures her in typically amazing form, playing a set in Chicago's Gramaphone Records. As per usual, she brings a quintessential classic house selection with perfect pace - including a number of super spontaneous finds from the record store's own stock. Also, it's cool that this performance seems to have driven a fair bit of business to the store on the day!"

Riz La Teef

"Nothing beats those choppy vinyl reloads. Riz La Teef has an incredible knowledge of grime, garage and UK music - though sometimes when people write about him they focus in on the quirk of how he cuts everything that isn't out on vinyl to dubplate. To me that shows a track has to go through quite a significant level of scrutiny before he'll play it out - in other words a big bit of quality assurance... I recommend the whole night of mixes from this session, showcasing London's Nervous Horizon label. Wallwork, TSVI, Lokane and Lloyd SB are all doing really amazing work as producers and DJs, so definitely check out their sets from this session as well."


"Ben UFO is spectacularly consistent and this Boiler Room session sees him in his standard, exceptional form. Ben's work is honestly crucial - he is constantly pushing all of us to be more eclectic, more far-reaching, more open-minded about what you can bring into a set. He uses his ability to present beautiful and diverse music to high profile settings that are often dominated by people playing a lot of the same records. Also, it's in a really cool looking setting in Barcelona and night falls while it's going - this video really places you there on that evening."


"This session sees Xosar translate her productions to an engaging live set and it's a good example of a Boiler Room set that goes down well both on the night for the dancers and for something to put on at home. That's actually very hard to do, since you may make some calls (either as DJ or live act) on the night that make sense for the live crowd but might feel too sudden in the home stream. So it's always impressive to watch sessions like this one that balance that engagement really well."

Compiled by Tony Kingston