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Thomas Headon shares with us his top five songs on high rotation

22 October 2020 | 3:17 pm | Claudia Fallon

Effortlessly melding sounds of indie-pop, electronica, and hip-hop, 19 year old Thomas Headon is well on his way to becoming a star.

Effortlessly melding sounds of indie-pop, electronica, and hip-hop that sound fully formed and completely realised, 19-year-old Thomas Headon is well on his way to becoming a star. Based in London and raised in Melbourne, Headon explores the many facets of youthful angst, diving deep into the world of lust, love, and vulnerabilities that have shaped his life thus far. Blending influences from the likes of The 1975, Tyler, The Creator, Rex Orange County, and Mac Miller into his music, the rising star is acing that classic indie-pop sound in his own playful way, remaining self-aware and never taking himself too seriously. Through lyricism that is rich in adolescent exploration and music that is always warm and catchy, it's hard to miss Thomas' undeniable charisma. Navigating the peaks and troughs of a world where confusion is the common feeling among us all, he still holds a strong sense of curiosity acknowledging that much of life is yet to be discovered. Releasing his debut EP earlier this year appropriately called The Greatest Hits, Headon is back again with his recent release of The Goodbye EP to get us through the final leg of 2020.

Written over the course of a year and influenced by new environments, new people, and new experiences, Headon says his The Goodbye EP is a call for attention in life. "A lot of the songs on this EP to me are a call for attention, whether that be from the girl I was into at the time, new friends or even myself," he says. Sparked from the craving of intimate connections, the unbound curiosity of his mind, and confusing relationships, this new body of work is ultimately a search for self-validation, as the artist craves a state of self-actualisation in his life. From boppy beats, groovy synths, jazzy bass, funky guitar, and strong vocals, this newest body of work from Headon is an explorative journey that takes us back to the prime age of 19 with nothing but the world ahead of us.

With nothing but the sky as the limit, there's no better time than now to get to know the man himself. Recently, we spoke to Thomas Headon who gave us the scoop on his top five songs that are currently on high rotation right now. Read on to see what he is absolutely loving at the moment!

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'Nightmares' by Easy Life

I’ve been a fan of Easy Life for a while now, but I dunno why I’ve only just discovered this song. I can’t exactly explain what it is about it that makes me put it on repeat every time it comes on, but it’s just so catchy and easy to sing along to wherever and whenever you’re listening to it. So good man. Also Murray’s voice is just so unique. Love it.

'POPSTAR' by DJ Khaled feat. Drake

I think this a prime example of I listen to almost everything. Drake and DJ Khaled always make catchy songs right, like they’re really good. But this is something else man, I cannot stress enough how genius the lyrics “Cops pulling up like I’m giving drugs out, nah nah, I’m a popstar not a doctor” are. That is literally next level. Also the music video is amazing. I don’t know it’s just so good.

'Sofia' by Clairo

Clairo has my whole heart. There’s never been more of an icon. I’m very much aware I only really digged into her music after this song has recently blown up but I don’t care. It’s fucking great music and she deserves every bit of hype she has. Once again icon and nothing but an icon.

'hey girl' by boy pablo

My friend Stephen just recently got me into boy pablo. It’s such a cool sound. Makes me feel very relaxed, also very inspired. He writes in a way that’s so innocent but has so much meaning, and I think the ‘stripped back garage band’ sound really adds to that too. I love it.

'Saw You in a Dream' by The Japanese House

I will never stop talking about how much I love The Japanese House. She’s just so cool. Like so insanely cool. I’m so interested in everything she creates and her voice is so good and the writing is insane. It’s such a perfect blend of live band sounds and sick electronic sounds. Saw You in a Dream is one of my favourites but I cannot recommend her whole catalogue enough.

Introduction by CLAUDIA FALLON

Image: Supplied