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Learn spontaneity with Phantastic Ferniture's top five dance moves

1 August 2018 | 9:07 am | Kyle Fensom

Ahead of their tour behind their debut LP, we've enlisted Phantastic Ferniture to give us a lesson in how our dance moves be just as spontaneous as their's

Having somehow remained one of Sydney live music's simultaneously well-known but best-kept secrets for the past few years or so, the JULIA JACKLIN-helmed trio PHANTASTIC FERNITURE fully announced their arrival this year with the release of their debut full-length.

The band have taken somewhat of an unconventional route towards releasing their debut record, largely skirting conventional label moves and hype-building exercises in favour of organic buzz. But this is hardly surprising for an outfit whose origin story involves bonding over a deep appreciation for choice fern puns, a love of leisurewear and an anecdote about a group of 10 mates who drunkenly decided to form a band together one night out in Sydney's Frankie's Pizza before only four of them could remember the next morning.

Throughout their entire career thus far, the Phantastic Ferniture M.O. has stayed true to the loose spirit of this eminently relatable, amusing backstory, with a focus away from technical perfection and towards spontaneity and, generally speaking, not overthinking shit. It's an ethos which percolates the flawless, hook-drenched garage-pop of their debut LP and which translates on the video for their latest single 'Bad Timing' into a playfully choreographed dance routine. Ahead of the trio's national tour behind that record, we've enlisted them to help give us a quick lesson in how our dance moves be just as spontaneous as their's

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“The Point”  - Utilise when you don’t know what else to do with your arms. Also helps to make the audience feel like they are the only one in the room.

"The Click" - Utilise when you don’t know what else to do with your hands. Also helps to make you look rhythmically gifted.

"The Jump" - Utilise when you don’t know what else to do with your legs. Helps to bring energy into the performance.

“The ‘Prop” - Here, utilise a prop to divert attention from your dance moves to the prop. Good to use when you’re potentially lacking in the talent department when it comes to dancing.

“The Dramatic Final Pose” - Essential to finishing a good performance. If someone is able to do the splits, make them do the splits at this point. If someone is also able to backflip make sure they backflip into the final pose.

To celebrate the release of their debut LP, Phantastic Ferniture are heading out on the road - you can find all the dates and tickets below:

Friday, August 17th - The Foundry, Brisbane

Thursday, August 23rd - The Grace Emily, Adelaide

Friday, August 24th - The Gaso, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday, August 25th - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Phantastic Ferniture's self-titled debut album is out now via Makeout Records/Caroline Australia.