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Motez breaks down the biggest influences behind his latest EP, 'ReSet'

13 July 2021 | 12:33 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

To get to know the project better, we asked Motez to provide us with the top 5 tracks dance traacks that influenced the 'ReSet' EP

Last Friday, Adelaide based producer Motez released his highly anticipated new EP, 'ReSet'. The release juxtaposes his stunning 2020 EP, 'Soulitude' which featured a minimal and ambient sonic palette. On 'ReSet' he draws on elements of hard dance, melodic techno and grand synths to create a a project ready built for a mega sound system.

The EP features two previously released singles. 'Give Me Space' with The Kite String Tangle has already been proven as a crossover hit, blending the unique sonic ethos of the project with commercial dance tropes and glowing, sun ray fuelled synths. The two artists respective sounds collide perfectly, creating a feel good dance track with an undertone of eeriness through its atmospheric production. New offerings on the project include a pair of dark party anthems, 'Synthesize' and 'Gone' with Lauren L'aimant, both inspired by classic techno production and percussion lines. The project's closer, 'New Day' lifts the energy and tone of the project via an uplifting, emotional dance track, acting as the perfect full stop to the EP.

Motez shares “This release encompasses a year’s worth of music exploration while I was going through a lot of change personally, emotionally and musically. It’s a manifesto of a very turbulent year, almost like the dark sibling to last year’s ‘Soulitude’. While ‘Soulitude’ was a journey into emotions through the lens of the pandemic and the way we as humans grappled with this newfound sense of loneliness and isolation in a more contemplative way, ‘ReSet’ turns the dial the other way, it’s angry and rebellious, it taps into feelings of being bold and obnoxious. Like ‘Soulitude’, it still tackles sadness but in a much louder, and more defiant way.”

To get to know the project better, we asked Motez to provide us with the top 5 tracks that influenced the 'ReSet' EP.

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This song for me exemplifies the whole "Dark Disco" sound that I've been playing nonstop over the last couple of years and Damon Jee is one of the pioneers of this micro-genre. This sound had a big influence on the palette of ReSet EP and where I wanted to take it, I've been enjoying the dark tones and 80s sounding synths. You'll hear that sound in almost every song on the EP (especially Gone) but you can start recognising it even in my song, Toggle that I released almost two years ago.

Like "Dark Disco", I've been listening to a lot of Cold Wave music. It's rich and melancholic, dark and brooding. A lot of Cold Wave music actually comes from eastern Europe (especially Russia with bands like Molchat Doma and Vollny), it's like mixing The Cure with Vaporwave, so moody and warm.

I LOVE this song so much, I've been listening to it nonstop in the last 18 months, I firmly think it's my most played song over the last year. The chord changes in the chorus really turns it on its head. Sonically it's like bringing the 80s sounds and tropes in a modern context, it was what I was listening to a lot when I was making 'Give Me Space'. It' also talks about a very relevant theme of modern romance in the age of social media, it's genius.

This song for me has been in almost every set (when I got to play), love the bassline and drums, this is where I tried to take 'Synthesize' and 'ReSet', just sheer driving music that is only there to make you dance. It has a darker and more sinister edge to it which I really like.

One of my favourite Underworld songs and has been on repeat for a long time, I love this kind of "put your head down, close your eyes and dance away" kind of music, words are almost an instrument rather than vocals, they are incoherent and that's what I love about it, it's like you're in a trance, it has a very tribal element to it.

Image via Mitch Lowe