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Lex Deluxe breaks down her favourite streamed sets ahead of Parry Talks' Room 2 Radio takeover

22 September 2020 | 3:42 pm | Emma Jones

The name of Lex Deluxe has now become synonymous with packed dancefloors, eclectic sets and turbo selections.

The name of Lex Deluxe has now become synonymous with packed dancefloors, eclectic sets and turbo selections not just in her home of Sydney, but across the country as well. Having been hard at work honing her craft for a few years now, she's a rising name in the Sydney scene and beyond thanks to her always impressive and always fun sets, as well as some originals we still have on high rotation as well. She's taken to clubs, festivals, outdoor parties and just about every other stage you could think of right around the country, "bringing her keen ear for electronic music and its history with her," as we said in our interview with her last year.

Of course, this year didn't exactly go to Lex's plans, but hopefully as things start to slowly open back up, it won't be long until we can gather and dance to a Lex Deluxe set soon. Until then, however, we have just the fix. We've teamed up with podcast and culture platform Parry Talks to help broadcast their Room 2 Radio takeover, and with a triple threat line up of Human MovementLimmer and Lex Deluxe herself, this is not a livestream to miss!

Ahead of what is sure to be a stand out set, Lex has taken us through her favourite streamed sets, from recent isolated gems to some undeniable classics. Check out her picks below, and catch her this Friday from 8pm on Facebook and Twitch (more info head here).

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Erika De Casier

Boiler Room - Isolation 2020

Danish singer/producer Erika De Casier begins her bedroom Boiler Room set with ‘Intimate’. The opening line ‘We’re sitting alone in my room’ brings you in close and suddenly it’s just you and Erika, and a shadow of an ethereal dancer that moves across the screen throughout the stream. It’s a shorter livestream, but a clean run through of her delicate and romantic RnB Essentials album that stole everyone’s hearts.

Erika was all set to play a string of live shows in Australia in April this year, including Inner Varnika and sideway in Canberra, and it was very close to heartbreak to see both cancelled. However, this steam came just at the right time, and although you’re not dressed in your Sunday Suit with a dust scarf over your mouth and a warm beer in your hand, it’s pretty close to the real thing.

TLDW: 7:31 - It’s a beautiful performance, I would recommend not skimming this one. But her live version of ‘Little Bit’ is pretty dreamy.


Boiler Room - Dekmantel 2019

Afrodeutsche is the queen of energy, and without a doubt one of my favourite DJs that I’ve had the opportunity to see. In August last year, my friend hauled me to the Boiler Room stage at Dekmantel Festival where she was just about to begin her set. She handed out flyers to the crowd before her said that stated ‘When the music pauses, stop dancing and hold your pose’. Then she begins. Hard. A hyped set with rave tracks like Out Of Space by The Prodigy, to Drexiya’s Devil Ray Cove. Sure enough, throughout the set she cuts the music and sends a still shockwave through the crowd, just to bring it back harder and faster.

I’m so glad it’s saved in BR’s archives. I love seeing a DJ have that much fun singing to her own songs and pulling a stank face to every big drop, and executing the transitions between decades, genres and tempos.

TLDW: 52:50 - Afrodeutsche brings in Prodigy’s charger Out Of Space, and the crowd destroys themselves. I can vouch for the energy felt in that little rave tunnel - I was there ;)

Mike Oldfield ’Tubular Bells’

Live at the BBC 1973

Mike Oldfield’s 25 minute journey of a song ’Tubular Bells’ is one of the most complex and diverse pieces of music created. The song is impressive on it’s own, but the live recording from the BBC in 1973 takes it to a whole other level. The very casually dressed music prodigies hop their way around different instruments, from flutes, oboes and glockenspiels, bass guitars, and not even a minute later you have an abrasive electric guitar taking you into the next movement. It’s impressive to say the least, without mentioning the fact that Oldfield was 20 when he orchestrated the performance.

The visuals across the screen add an incredible later to the performance swell, like having a red filter in the dark turbulent section, and a tinkling river paired with the glockenspiels’ solo. A 25 minute totally immersive psychedelic trip that’ll have you thinking how sick the clouds look today man, and how silly your housemate’s boyfriend’s name sounds when you say it over and over and over and over...

TLDW: 7:25 - The red section. It’s scary, it’s intense, and the added red haze is powerful. Also it’s a short stream sitting at 25 minutes, so just bite the bullet and watch all the way through.

Jensen Interceptor

Boiler Room - Glitch Festival 2019

Jensen Interceptor: Superstar DJ, producer virtuoso, and easy on the eyes - it’s no secret I have the hots for JI This is one of my favourites from Mikey, and showcases everything fully sick about his sets. Recorded at Glitch Festival in Malta, 2019, this hour of power has it all from his famous big electro top lines, turbo silly pop samples, abrasive synths and basses, and big drums that keep you moving. Also, nothing beats a DJ playing their own tracks throughout, and Jensen has a plethora of tracks to throw down.

The song selection is one thing to note, but it’s also his quick and seamless mixing between genres. I remember watching this livestream so closely when it first aired, and I tried taking notes on how he flies across the songs.

TLDW: 17:30 - Hell sexy remix of My Neck, My Back by Khia with chunky electro punches swirling around it. Perfect JI combo.

Fatboy Slim

Brighton Beach 2002

To top this list off, Fatboy Slim’s Brighton Beach in 2006 is hands down the set given to us in livestream history. You have 250000 sweaty geezers crammed like sardines on the tiny beach’s sandy coast watching Fatboy Slim spin the most iconic euphoric rave house records one after the other. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it through. My friend first showed it to me a few summers ago, and Tim Deluxe’s ‘It Just Won’t Do’ became the biggest staple in my sets for a solid 18 months.

The crowd are documented by several different shaky cameras throughout the night. Some kids are half submerged in the warm July waters, some stacked on shoulders.

TLDW: 32:20 - A quick montage of dedicated surfers sitting their boards on the still water, and quickly slicing to Norman Cook throwing his hands up with a cigarette dangling precariously from his lips as Layo and Bushwacka!’s anthem ‘Love Story’ blasts over the hundreds of thousands of revellers.

Room 2 Radio: Parry Talks Takeover will be broadcasted on Facebook and Twitch from 8pm on Friday, September 25th.

Words by Emma Jones

Image via Lex Deluxe