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LALKA's top Australian DIY music videos of 2017

30 November 2017 | 5:16 pm | Emma Jones

Independent artist LALKA doesn't pay attention to trends. She doesn't follow fads or kowtow to novelties. No, she has always done things her own way, and you just have to listen to but a few seconds of her music to see this.

Fierce, unapologetic and bold, LALKA is hellbent on carving out her own space in the plethora of electronic artists, and her unique and striking individuality is what guides her creative journey. With two exceptional singles under her belt in 2017, critical acclaim and new fans around the country and beyond, she's bound for big things next year. Forever remaining true to her ethos of individual style along with a DIY attitude, LALKA proves time and time again she is as innovative and exciting as they come.

Set to launch her new single, 'Cool Youth', tonight in Brisbane, we got to know her a little better. She's listed a few of her favourite DIY music videos from this year, as she believes it's important to highlight what musicians can do all on their own, given that so many artists are regularly faced with the prohibitively expensive cost of producing music videos. And, if that wasn't enough, you can also peep some BTS pics from the making of her 'Cool Youth' clip, which will get you in the mood to see the track live tonight if you're in Brisbane (which will feature projected visuals by LALKA herself, as well as a special treat from the bar staff of the venue!). For more details on that head here, otherwise delve into the mind of LALKA below!

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Lupa J - 'Moth'

I've always loved the sonic landscape that Lupa J creates with her music, and the way she brings the lyrics to life through her music videos is super interesting. In this video she juxtaposes herself against images from advertising and the way she does it really reinforces the idea that women are often viewed as bodies to be consumed. Simple yet effective.

Landings - 'Everybody Wants'

Landings are a pretty young band and this is their first music video they've made, which is pretty exciting. Despite having $0 budget, they've managed to create a video that is polished. I just love supporting artists that aren't afraid to get creative with whatever means they have at their disposal even when there isn't a huge budget to play with.

Rebel Yell - 'High Authority'

Rebel Yell aka Grace Stevenson edited this video herself and the visuals complement her sound so well: industrial and gritty. The way she stares at the camera with such conviction and commands her surroundings (rocks, ocean, bushland) with such authority (and wearing high fashion) leaves you with no doubt that she is indeed the boss.

LALKA - 'Cool Youth'

I roped in a bunch of friends to appear as extras in this video (with the promise of dinner) so it was a super fun affair. Perhaps one of the hardest things for the cast to do on the night of shooting was trying not to giggle during the scenes! They had to wear blindfolds while dancing... but they kept bumping into each other! If you watch near the end of the video, you'll see a brief scene where I light a blindfold on fire. I had the stupid idea of soaking the blindfold in turpentine to make the flames more epic, but when I lit it with the match it caught on fire INSANELY QUICKLY and my hand came SO CLOSE to catching on fire! Fortunately I had a bucket of water nearby and avoided a trip to the hospital.

Intro by Emma Jones