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KLP's top five tips for doing your own thing in music

22 June 2018 | 12:18 pm | Emma Jones

With a new single out called 'Amnesia', KLP gives us her best advice on being true to yourself and doing your own thing in music.


The music industry can be a difficult one to navigate if you're wanting to be authentic and true to yourself. Trends, charts, instant gratification online and more can lead you down a path that you'll find yourself no longer being true to who you are, and in most cases, that's when the music suffers. It can be tough out there, and you certainly have to be brave to resist trends and bad advice and instead just do you and your own thing, but when you get it right, it makes it all worth it.

One such artist who has maintained her authenticity and continued doing her own thing is KLP. DJ, producer, singer, songwriter, radio host and more, she's an ultimate powerhouse of creativity, ambition and innovation, consistently pushing herself without ever losing sight of who she is and what she's trying to achieve, and because of this, she's continued to deliver exceptional pop songs with her own twist.

Continuing on from the great success of her most recent single, 'Carried Away', which was added to New Music Friday US on Spotify and rotation on triple J, she's back for more with a brand new track titled 'Amnesia'. Teaming up with VINCENT SOLEKLP completely lets go with 'Amnesia', offering up a refreshing approach to saying no, slowing down and taking in each and every moment. Speaking on her new single, she said, “Throughout my life there have been many mistakes, bumps in the road... times I just wanted to forget. Things I just wanted to push to the back of mind. Then on the total opposite end of the spectrum there have been those moments that are so special and crazy real... it’s those ‘now’ moments I really wanted to come across in this track and hopefully inspire people to be real and to be present...”

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To celebrate the release of 'Amnesia', we asked KLP herself what her five best tips are for doing your own thing in music, and you can check it all out below!


Don’t censor yourself

Sometimes the very first thing that comes to your mind is often the best. Don’t overthink it too much and don’t worry what “THEY” think. The moment I try to make anything too clever, or I pull it all apart it looses some of the original spark. 

Listen to all styles of music

Sometimes I listen to classical music, or just piano, or The Beatles, or yacht rock (Electric Light Orchestra, The Doobie Brothers). You never know when a different style, era, genre can help your own shine through.  

Don’t listen to music/the radio

Seriously, I know that is kind of crazy because of point 2 (and also I have a radio show on triple j) BUT that being said, sometimes you need to cleanse your ears a little bit and give your own creativity the chance to breathe and develop without too many influences.  

Be true to you

The world is big - there is so much room for ALL OF US! So be you. Don’t try to fit in, or copy anyone else’s style or mimic their journey. The moment you start to do that, you’ve lost already.

Be in control of your career

Build a team around you that support you and genuinely care for your music and journey. If you sign a contract - read it - understand it. Weigh up your options and choose what is right for you over what may seem cool on the surface. Thank people. Be tough but kind. Karma baby - it’s a thing. 

'Amnesia' is out now via KLP's label Cereus Records. Stream/buy here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied