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A history of Joyride in five songs

19 April 2018 | 11:04 am | Emma Jones

JOYRIDE is, without a doubt, one of the most loved artists in the Australian music scene. From his solo work to his various other projects including THE MEETING TREE and ONE DAY, as well as his love of collaborating with his friends such as SET MO and HANDSOME, his voice is one you recognise instantly, and his recent evolution into a fully fledged solo artists, signed to DEW PROCESS and releasing fantastic singles has us loving him more than ever.

Not only does he make feel good tunes, he is perhaps the only artist to make a ballad that sounds like the start of a 90s US sitcom that is actually a tribute to pingers. That's right, his newest single, 'Blue Batmans', is a not-so-subtle tune about a particular type of a party substance, but is done in a way that will have you singing and dancing your way down the street thanks to the palpable euphoria.

Having worked with HOLY HOLY's OSCAR DAWSON for this one on co-writing and production duties as well as KINGSWOOD's ALEX LASKA on songwriting duties AND having the one and only ALI BARTER on backing vocals, 'Blue Batmans' is yet another shining example of just how great Joyride is as an artist, and how working with others brings out the best, both in himself and his partners.

Joyride's just released some visuals to accompany his new single, and it's justifiably as cooked as it should be. An ode to kick ons and the morning after a big night, Joyride insists the video is deeper than what might appear to be the message on surface level, saying, “It's a visual representation of the greatest epiphany you've ever forgotten immediately because your housemate walked outside complaining about a mess in the kitchen. It's a visual interpretation of the new heaven that can be found within our own minds, and can make a second feel like a lifetime once our eyes are shut.”

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It's no secret that we love Joyride so we got to know him a little better and asked him to give us a summarised, straight forward history of Joyride in five songs. Let him take you on a journey below!

Joyride, 'Pretend'

The only proper single from a 3 EP series called The Gentleman’s Trilogy. Still available in the annals of the web (if u dare.

The Meeting Tree, 'Life Is Long: Slow Down!'

A year long party, almost summed up in this video (but very much not

Set Mo, 'Forever Ft. Joyride'

A gentle breeze wafted me toward house music. I love gentle breezes.

One Day, 'Leave Your Windows Open'

Potentially my proudest musical moment (either this, or that hour of power at the Riverstage 2 years ago at subbies. I wasn’t playing; I just felt alive.)

Handsome, 'Late Night Ball Game'

I love working with my friends. Produced this and did a bit of singing :’)

Introduction by Emma Jones