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Jordan Dennis' unconventional and unlikely heroes

27 November 2020 | 2:12 pm | Emma Jones

Jordan Dennis takes us through his top unconventional and unlikely heroes off the back of his latest single, 'Elon Must'.

Rising Melbourne hip-hop artist, Jordan Dennis has shared his newest HDMI2 EP, out now via his eponymous label imprint with The Orchard and The Operatives. Showcasing his versatility and superior artistry, Dennis effortlessly switches his style up from slick, rapid-fire rhymes to effortless R&B vocals, creating an EP which captures his prolific and impressive musical stylings like never before.

Proving there is no one doing it like him, HDMI2 is an extrapolation of the Jordan Dennis we first fell for back in 2018. Since then, he's been busy honing his craft and developing his multi-faceted sound, and in 2020 emerges with an EP which proves he is one worth keeping both eyes firmly fixed on. Linking up with producers JUJO and Tentendo, the trio bring out the very best in each other, from the electric opener '2AM' to previously praised single 'The Link', to current single 'Elon Must', Dennis bravely explores new sonic terrain while pushing his musicality further and further. As a result, he delivers an impressive EP from start to finish, confirming his status as one of the country's most exciting forces in hip hop.

Jordan Dennis said of the HDMI2 EP, “HDMI2 is an amalgamation of tracks that continue what has become for me a Jordan Dennis type multiverse. Where HDMI1 was localised to planet earth, HDMI2 is like watching inter-dimensional cable where the access to shows spans any universe, planet or dimension and every track sets a new scene.”

Off the back of the release of HDMI2 and 'Elon Must', we asked Jordan to take us through his favourite unconventional and unlikely heroes. From Popeye to Deadpool, his choices are as classic as the hip hop he draws influence from so expertly on his EP. Check out his picks below!

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Popeye - I used to watch heaps of old cartoons and I loved Popeye because of his ridiculous ability to overcome anything with a lil bit of spinach haha

Stan Lee - I'm very much into the world of comic books, so Stan Lee was a big influence of mine for obvious reasons. To create an ever expanding universe alongside Jack Kirby with all of these amazing artworks, characters and stories blew my mind.

Hot rod/ Rodimus prime - As the successor to Optimus Prime in the 1986 Transformers movie I loved everything about this character and his transformation into being fit to lead the autobots. He also had the coolest vehicle mode so I also gravitated towards that haha

Prince zuko - I really appreciated the ambition and drive of this character in relation to the pressures around him and the way he viewed himself. Deep down I think I also wanted to be able to express my anger in the way that he could so it was like sharing those moments of rage and release in a way.

Deadpool - What's not to love? The wise cracking kill everything in sight with unconventional flava is definitely something I aim to embody through my music. Additionally, Deadpool is the only character in the Marvel Universe who knows he's in a fictional landscape. He sees the world in a way that nobody else can.

HDMI2 is out now via Jordan Dennis Records. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied