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Jadu Heart share the top five influences behind their new album 'Hyper Romance'

28 September 2020 | 4:31 pm | Claudia Fallon

Talented duo Jadu Heart talk us through the Top Five influences behind their new Hyper Romance album from a range of different artists and genres.

Bristol-based psych duo Jadu Heart have been steadily building a collection of immersive and experimental sounds that are powerful in their ability to transfix you, ranging from their earliest releases to their present-day triumphs. The enigmatic pair, consisting of Alex Headford and Diva Jeffery create forward-thinking and all-encompassing music. After releasing their first EP Wanderflower in 2016, they have asserted themselves as an elusive alternative outfit which imprints a myriad of sounds into their work including electronica, R&B, pop, and psychedelia. From an exploration of raw and deeply personal issues in last year's debut album Melt Away, to their grasp on love in their more recent efforts, this talented pair are boundary-breaking with their growing collection of introspective and hypnotic soundscapes.

Bringing a sense of radiance to the persistent gloom of 2020, Jadu Heart have recently released their highly anticipated second album Hyper Romance, highlighting the explorative nature of their music. Melding sounds of psych-rock, folk, lo-fi, and electronic, this release is a configuration of unique sounds that sees the pair bring forth some of their most creative work yet. Recorded in a Bristol basement incorporating distortion pedals and amps, this album is a project based on the interplay between calm and chaos with a collection of love songs written during a period of relocation and reflection. Remarking on their entrancing new music that has seen impressive growth over the years, Jadu Heart says their new album is crafted to "immerse people into a sound and a world."

With a distinctive sound that is sure to enthrall listeners far and wide, we chatted to Jadu Heart to get to know the top five influences behind their new Hyper Romance album. Listen to the record, and check out their picks below!

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'Safe In The Hands Of Love' by Yves Tumor 

“Love this album so much, when we saw the show it really felt like we were seeing something new happening. Afterwards, we went to the pub and couldn’t stop talking about how we hadn’t seen anything like it. We felt like Tony Wilson seeing the first-ever Punk show in the 70s. Mad shit.”

'Amateur' featuring My Bloody Valentine

“Just a beautiful record, full of noise and emotion.”

 'Scorpio Rising' by Death in Vegas

“Can’t remember how we heard this band, but fell in love with the genre mixes they use. Similar to us it’s just a huge mix of dark electronic, shoegaze and rock”

'Heaven Is Humming' by Goon

“Completely unknown band from deep America. We heard the album playing in a record shop whilst doing a mini shop tour when we released our debut album last year. We were setting up our gear and slowly we noticed the crew just bobbing their heads more and more to each track until by the end everyone was well into it and we had to go buy the record there and then.”

'Rubber Soul' by The Beatles

“Just a classic album and one of our favourite Beatles albums. We were in France in the middle of nowhere by a river drinking and playing cards and there was no internet but all Alex had was Rubber Soul downloaded on Spotify. We played that album about 100 times and it didn’t get old.”

Hyper Romance is out now. Buy/stream here.

Introduction by CLAUDIA FALLON

Image: Supplied