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The musical meeting point of Haiku Hands

5 September 2017 | 4:49 pm | Jackson Langford

Few artists have had such an explosive debut in Australian music than that of HAIKU HANDS. This Sydney/Melbourne based collective have had what is undeniably one of the best Australian debuts of the year with the raucous 'Not About You.' It's a song that electrifies from the opening seconds, with the group's profound mixture of electronic, hip-hop and pop coursing through your veins until the very end. With a sound like no other, Haiku Hands are truly ones to watch.

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In the spirit of that, they've taken us through some of the songs that try to define the band's seemingly undefinable style.
Haze Boogie Life - Mykki Blanco 
On one of the first adventures Beatrice and Claire had together, driving to a private festival party in Bellingen sharing tunes, Claire played one of Mykki Blanco tunes ‘Haze Boogie Life’ that Mie had showed her and Beatrice already had one of his other tunes ‘Wavvy’ in her set. It was a musical bonding time, bonding over digging the same tracks and showing each other cool new stuff. As Claire was driving they played 'Haze Boogie Life' and numerous other tunes, the more Claire liked the tune the more she danced and the more Beatrice became nervous they would crash. Also the video clip is sick! Stroobbbbbeeeeeeeee liggggggght!

 Tooth for an Eye - The Knife 
We love the video clip Mie discovered for this song. The visual, the message, the colours and the characters that are represented.

Tear the House Up - Herve and Zebra Katz
At the same party in Bellingen Beatrice and a bunch of her friends were DJ’ing and Tear the House Up was played numerous times. Claire asked about that tune and it has since became a reference track for Haiku Hands party vibes and has popped up in our DJ set very since. The video clip is amazing as well.

Revolusion - Elliphant 
This song was an important reference track for us when we first started writing with Joel Ma. We were playing lots of tracks to each other and this one was one that stood out for vibe, musicality, Elliphant’s vocals, her content, everything. It’s a total banga and really powerful. We went and saw her when she was in Sydney a few years ago and it was great! It was in a small club and she was a powerful performer.

House Key - Lola Wolf 
This was another reference track for us when we started writing. When we heard it immediately the vocals and the beat grabbed us.

Twice - Little Dragon
We all love some of Little Dragon's tracks, they are such a diverse sounding interesting band. They manage to dance between pop and electronica and a myriad of other genres and we really like that and relate to that in Haiku Hands. 'Twice' is a song that we all love.

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