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Genes reveals her top five 'Super Single' anthems

26 October 2020 | 2:50 pm | Claudia Fallon

Genes is proving herself as an artist on the rise with her vivacious and carefree music steadily moulding her into one of Australia's pop sweethearts.

Raised in Melbourne and now living in tropical Townsville, Genes is proving herself as an artist on the rise with her vivacious and carefree music, steadily moulding her into one of Australia's new sweethearts. Releasing stellar pop music that always pertains a strong sense of energy and vibrancy, this relative newcomer has already achieved so much in her short yet promising career. Collaborating with the likes of Young Franco, Kilter, Ninajirachi, Donatachi and more, amassing over 50 million streams, and winning triple j's Unearthed NIDA initiative, Genes isn't shying away from the spotlight as it follows her and her music. Exploring the multi-faceted nature of relationships and love over her now four singles, this rising star navigates the post-breakup process from the lows of heartbreak to the now highs of single life. With the release of her new fast-paced electro-pop track 'Super Single', she has reached the summit of her journey, embracing self-love and newfound freedom.

With single-life bestowing a sense of liberation upon her, Genes has shared an electronically driven pop song 'Super Single' that captures your attention from the very first beat. With groovy electronic keys, funky guitars, and poppy beats, this invigorating bop will have you feeling a sense of freedom no matter what your circumstance. Fun and almost retro with its nostalgic beats, 'Super Single' is the culmination of a journey Genes has explored through previous songs. From the midst of heartbreak in her first single 'Give It Away', to finally finding her feet in ‘When I’m Around You’ and 'Better', 'Super Single' is the clear pinnacle of her travels through love, where she becomes an independent free spirit in the face of adversity.

Co-written and produced by multi-talented New Zealand artist Rory Noble, 'Super Single' also comes with a music video with the assistance of the triple j Unearthed NIDA initiative. This initiative brings emerging Australian artists with emerging filmmakers from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Directed by Amelia Burke with production designs by Liv Hutley, the 'Super Single' video shows the struggles of dating in the alien world, as finding the perfect match becomes almost impossible.

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With the release of 'Super Single', there's no better time to hear more from this rising pop queen herself. We spoke to Genes who gave us her inside knowledge behind this new track, naming her Top 5 'Super Single' anthems. Take a read below!

Kota Banks - I’m It

The most iconic line of this song is “I feel my own tits”, and that in itself is reason enough for everyone to listen to this anthem from the self loving queen herself. I can’t tell you how many times this song has put a little bit of extra confidence in my step for the day/ made me cop a squeeze of my own tits for a bit of extra lovin’. I may or may not have blasted this while singing into my hairbrush and staring at that beautiful bad bitch looking back at me in the mirror. “Im it” is the perfect way to wake up every morning.

Selena Gomez - Look At Her Now

This song came out in October last year when I really started getting comfortable with my own independence as a single girl. Those chorus lyrics instantly hit as a reminder as to why you’re better off without your ex. Like, yeah “look at me now”, with my new job and new life and new streak of self-assurance. The shoulder rolls and stank face are real in this song.

Wafia - I’m Good

This is that strut aggressively down the street after a breakup kinda song. I was listening to this on repeat a lot of last year, actually around the same time I wrote my last single “Better”. I would be lying if I said this song didn’t influence the sassiness in my song.

Leikeli47 - Money

I might be a broke musician but the bad ass energy oozes out of this so much that it actually makes me feel rich for a quick second. Don’t listen too many times on repeat though, because the “I got money” line is so convincing that I spent $500 on ASOS online once after it. True story.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Let’s Be Friends

Being Super Single also means you’re available and ready to mingle sometimes when you feel like it. After plenty of awkward first dates in the past, this song has become the anthem of my life. “Let’s be friends that never speak again” - yep, sounds good to me, because I never wanna speak to you again either HAHA *deletes Tinder for the 6th time this month*

'Super Single' is out now.

Introduction by CLAUDIA FALLON

Image: MatthewGianoulis