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Franc Moody's top five most influential artists

11 February 2020 | 10:11 am | Emma Jones

Franc Moody take us through some of the artists that have made them into the band they are today.

London based disco/funk band Franc Moody are an act that needs to be on your radar. A band who came up via the tight-knit warehouse rave scene of London, the six-piece band craft irresistible floor-fillers while maintaining a core DIY ethos that separates them from the rest. Known for chaotic but unifying live performances, the band are quickly gaining traction across the globe thanks to their undeniable grooves and insatiable funk, and having cut their teeth in the guerilla warehouses that housed their formative years, they're now ready to really spread their wings.

The band are kicking off 2020 with all guns blazing thanks to the upcoming release of their debut album, Dream In Colour. Set to look at modern life in all its flawed glory, Dream In Colour examines the two realities we live in now, online and offline. “Sometimes,” explains Ned (one of the band's chief collaborators), “that experience of switching between those two worlds can feel like changing from black & white to colour. We wanted to explore that phenomenon on this record.

Ahead of the release of Dream In Colour, Franc Moody have put together a list of some of the artists that have made them who they are as a band today. From Jamiroquai to James Brown, this list is a glimpse into the rich sound the band have now — a sound we're so excited to hear more of!

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Jamiroquai - Little L

Jamiroquai are a big influence on us and this tune in particular. Insane bass line and groove, with a great lyric. Real dancefloor filler. Was a real honour being asked to remix a tune of theirs last year.

Lil Bob & The Lollipops - Nobody But You

The music of South Louisiana, whether it’s Clifton Chenier’s Zydeco, Lil Bob’s Swamp Pop Soul or The Meters New Orleans funk is a massive starting point for Franc Moody. It’s a place we know personally. The whole place is steeped in melody, groove, all night dancing and infectious soul, a must visit for any musician.

James Brown - Kansas City

James Brown was the absolute master of funky grooves and set the benchmark for any band aspiring to a heavy degree of tightness. We’re miles off his exalted levels but we always aim to honour that tradition of having a seriously well oiled live show!

George Clinton - Atomic Dog

George Clinton and the empire he built, from Funkadelic through to Parliament and solo career, set its own approach to playing funk music. He created a real scene that was something the world had never really experienced before, from the daring and unconventionally constructed records to crazy live shows (including touring a giant spaceship on the Mothership Connects tour!). The attitude is loud, proud, sweaty, fun and gritty. We take that ethos as our mantra in Franc Moody. It was shortly after seeing Parliament Funkadelic play at Glastonbury that Franc Moody was born...

Joe Hertz (Ft Sophie Faith) - Cross My Mind

This man basically taught us how to use a computer. Before we started working with Joe on a few writing sessions at Sarm Studios in London we were true analogue enthusiasts, only really recording to 4 track 1/4 tape. In exchange for his digital sonic tips and teachings of little nuggets of production, we often play on his records and (try to) sprinkle some sauce on his tracks. 'Cross My Mind' is his latest offering featuring the insanely talented Sophie Faith. There's a man.

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones