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Top five tips to live by with FlexMami

26 May 2017 | 2:08 pm | Abbey Lenton

FlexMami will be hitting the stage at‘ Like A Girl: 2017 CURVY Launch in support of FemFound. To celebrate, she's given us her top five tips to live by.

The CURVY Creative Women's Conference is coming to Sydney next month as part of VIVID Ideas, and you are definitely going to want to check it out. The four day event puts the spotlight on the wonderful wise words of women in creative industries. To launch the event, we will be throwing a party that gets some incredible femme-identifying talent behind the decks. And one of these bright sparks is Sydney's very own FLEXMAMI.

FlexMami has been killing the game lately with her talent and tenacity. Impressive for even more than her mad DJ skills, she also flexes her muscles as a writer, radio presenter, fashion inspiration, motivational influencer and all round social media superstar. Taking a glimpse at her repertoire is like looking into the future of creative industries. With an ever-present smile and a can-do attitude, it's only right that she laid out for us her top five tips to live by.

1. Apathy is a joke

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Find something you care about a champion it fiercely. Mine is self-love, indulgence and pro-technological advances, which involves reviewing my Instagram feed to affirm myself, rarely talking myself out of frivolous purchases and daydreaming of a utopian society where artificial intelligence is the norm.

2. Never feel bad about spending your coins on food*

It’s both a mentally, physically and spiritually nourishing experience that should never be taken for granted.

*Unless it’s an unsavoury disaster that results in you feeling more dissatisfied than before you started.

3. Celebrate memes

They’re a universal language (like hugs) and a snapshot of 20-something culture everywhere. They transcend conventional discourse and often encourage you to critically review yourself.

4. Don’t apologise for “me” time

Your time is sacred, priceless and invaluable and how you spend it shouldn’t be up for intense ridicule or critique. You’re sense of self and mental health can be detrimental to your wellbeing if you don’t check in. Feel free to forgo team dinners for TV-bingeing if that’s what your vessel needs.

5. Learn something new everyday

Whether it’s minor or major, insignificant or a game changer. Just make it happen. Today, I watched a TEDx Talk by Sarah Knight “The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck”, in which she divulges a failsafe plan for how to stop spending time you don’t have doing things you don’t want to do.

To sum it up, simply stop pretending to care about things you don’t, then you’ll naturally spend time nurturing the things you do.

To see FlexMami practice all of the wonderful things she preaches, head along to the Like A Girl: 2017 CURVY Launch in support of FemFound. There you will be able to catch an array of phenomenal female talent, all while supporting an excellent cause.


June 1st 2017 @ Freda’s

$10 donation on the door. All proceeds to go FemFound.





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