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Crooked Colours share the top five inspirations for their latest banger 'I'll Be There'

17 August 2018 | 3:21 pm | Max Lewis

We ask Perth electronic trio Crooked Colours about the top five influences behind their latest track, the tribal influenced 'I'll Be There'.

It's been just over a year since Vera, the monumental debut of Perth electronic trio CROOKED COLOURS and they've certainly made the most of their time. With a unique electro-pop and dance harnessing warbled synths, frantic beats and soulful vocals, Vera netted the trio the #1 spot on the iTunes Electronic Chart, and a mammoth 83-show tour encompassing Australia, the US, the UK and Europe. Striking while the iron is still hot the trio have just dropped 'I'll be There' - a hypnotic first look at their sophomore album which is due to drop in early 2019.

'I'll be There' was inspired by a trip to New Caledonia and it certainly shows - while returning to their dancefloor roots the group show off tribal influenced hooks and vocals that give a breezy edge to an other wise infectiously energetic track. A slow but steady burn, the song grows from a bright kalimba-inspired hook and subtle, before a drop explodes the song into a sea of pounding beats and pulsing bass. It's an expertly crafted track that ebbs and flows exactly when it needs to, and it's the kind of sound you just know is going to go off live.

'I'll be There' is the first step in the next evolution of Crooked Colours; they're about to embark on a tour of Australia with Yahtzel, Airwolf and Ninajirachi before heading off on a 13-date tour of the US. Before things get too hectic for these busy boys, we thought we'd take things back to the breezy shores of New Caledonia, and find out the top five things that inspired 'I'll be There'.

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New Caledonia

The hook for the chorus in "I'll be There" was a sample of a school choir that we were fortunate to meet on the small New Caledonian island of Lifou. It really gives the song the dance/chant section we were looking for.


This magical food has sustained our hearts, spirit and mind the last couple of months and into the future, giving the album that warm fulfilling comfort. We might throw a bit of Pho in as well.


We have been asking Phil (from South Africa) to sing in Afrikaans since the start of Crooked Colours. We may finally have our first taste of it!

Post Malone

Whether this is a good or a bad thing, Post Malone has seeped into our pores. Our tour manager has been thrashing his albums in the tour bus and we don't regret it, but he is now, against our will, a part of us.

Finals Footy

If Essendon manages to scrape into the finals or West Coast goes all the way, then you can bet there will be celebrations in our camp, and those celebrations will turn into bangers!