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Claudia Valentina shares the top five influences for her new self-titled debut EP

10 November 2020 | 12:28 pm | Claudia Fallon

20-year-old Claudia Valentina's career has been a decade in the making as this young talent now skyrockets towards immeasurable success.

From humble beginnings on a small island in the English Channel to now growing global stardom, 20-year-old Claudia Valentina's career has been a decade in the making as she now skyrockets towards immeasurable success. Performing on London's West End as part of the Billy Elliot production at age 10, things moved fairly quickly for this introspective pop artist. After moving to Los Angeles at age 12 with her mother to follow her dreams of a music career, Claudia quickly began writing songs with Johan Carlsson, a right-hand man to pop heavyweight Max Martin, who helped mentor and progress her burgeoning talent. When she finished school, her dreams of becoming an in-demand artist finally came to fruition with the release of a track she co-wrote gathering the attention of the music industry. The release of her debut single 'Seven' hit the airwaves earlier this year and has amassed over two million streams and counting, proving her introspective lyricism and alluring pop sound are hitting in all the right places across the world. Despite only appearing on our radars earlier this year, Valentina is back with her debut self-titled EP, proving she is making moves to reach the very top. 

Hoping to rewrite the narrative force-fed to young women all around the world, Claudia's new self-titled EP is the perfect mix of soulful and pop music that will have you looking inward whilst outwardly feeling confident. From her tracks 'Seven' and 'If I'm Being Honest' the EP is graced with stripped back vocals, gentle acoustic instrumentals, and emotive lyricism, showing the vulnerabilities of her mind, even if she said she tends to write songs about "being more of a bad bitch." Listening to songs '4:15' and 'Obsessed' you can hear her pop sensibilities creep through, showing a bolder and more fierce artist whose personal lyricism feels like a guide through the female experience. Laying it all on the table Valentina acknowledges, "it’s important to be honest and realise that everyone gets let down a few times,” cementing the self-assured and fully-realised sentiment in her EP. With a career that has only just begun, there's no doubting Claudia Valentina and her fearless climb to super-stardom is well on its way.

We spoke to the amazing Claudia Valentina to hear some of the influences that impact her music-making and more specifically her new self-titled EP. Read on to see what music artists influenced her latest release and more!

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Rhirhi has and will always be one of my greatest inspirations in music and life in general, for me she captures everything I strive to be in an artist and her boss energy gave me a lot of confidence throughout my life.


I feel like I’ve watched her journey from the beginning and the way she has developed. Creatively I think she has raised the bar in the music game so I can’t wait to raise it again lol.

Frank Ocean

Genius... melodies from the gods.


Of course... I have always been a fan of Drake. His ability to find new ways of saying things that every girl in the world can use as an Instagram caption is very smart. His melodies and persona is amazing.


I always listen to his album ‘war and leisure’ while I’m driving and it always gets me so inspired and excited to get in the studio and get writing.

Claudia Valentina EP is out now

Introduction by CLAUDIA FALLON

Image via Claudia Valentina Facebook