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Banoffee breaks down her top 5 Sad Songs to get you through those tough times

29 July 2021 | 3:58 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

To get to know her new song, 'Idiot' better, we asked Banoffee to break down some of her favourite sad songs in the realm of love.

This morning, Naarm/Melbourne based artist Banoffee released a new single 'Idiot' alongside an accompanying music video directed by Phebe Shmidt. The track comes off the back of previous single, 'Tapioca Cheeks' which featured Planet 1999, a beautiful and glistening pop track. Alongside the release of 'Idiot', she's announced her highly anticipated sophomore record, 'Teartracks' slated for release on October the 18th.

'Teartracks' is a musical journey filled with love going up in flames packaged in a glistening, viscerally-felt pop record. It's no surprise that 'Idiot' is the lead single, reflecting the albums already powerfully established ethos. Autotuned vocals combine perfectly with a minimal and banging percussion line. Eerie metallic synths build tension in the track, exploding during its chrous. It's spacey, atmospheric and demands attention, a self deprecating love track set in those ending moments of love.

Banoffee talks about the ‘Idiot’ video, “Making this video was such a joy. Living out a dream I had about trolling tradies was such a fun experience and of course a moment on a love heart bed was crucial. ‘Idiot’ is about needing to stay indoors and be self indulgent, it’s about indulging in brattiness, with the help of my amazing creative team I think we made a version of that that’s really fun”.

To get to know the track better, and Banoffee's taste in hard hitting, emotional music, we asked her to break down her favourite sad songs in the realm of love.

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La Noche de Anoche - Rosalia & Bad Bunny

The song opens with  “I know that this will never happen again/ But if it happened again, I know it would be your weakness” a line that portrays a universal feeling. Before I looked up the translated of this song I already felt a connection, good writing and production means you don’t need lyrics to empathize. 

God’s Country - Ethel Cain feat Wicca Phase Springs Eternal 

This track is so so special. The reverb on the vocal says everything. This song for me is just for contemplation. This past year has brought so much loss and pain a song like this just sort of holds you. “No best foot forward to sway the odds Just a voice inside you and a stone to throw” that is 2020 for me. 

No Romance - Tirzah 

The best song of all time - for me this song celebrates the freedom of being solo and letting go something that hasn’t been worth it. I’m so into this track I’ve been dj’ng it since it came out and never will stop. 

You Suck - Sega Bodega

Okay this song is so great, the opening line that then just repeats and repeats is all you need to love singing alone. I’m currently on a knee scooter with a broken foot and I scoot around the streets singing this and listening on repeat. It’s too good. 

I Can See Your Tracks - Laura Veirs

“I see your tracks but I won’t follow them”. This day and age is so about this connedrum. When you love someone or miss someone you can see them whenever you want just by opening social media. Laura Veirs has really made a gem in this haunting folk track. That feeling of driving away doesn’t have to be literal, it can be switching off your phone.