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Aphir takes us through the inspiration behind sophomore album 'Twin Earth'

17 March 2017 | 9:13 am | Abbey Lenton

Aphir's sophomore album is Twin Earth, and it begins to unravel as the musician takes us through her top five sources of inspiration.

After recently releasing 'Deeper In', Melbourne vocalist/producer/writer APHIR has really had our attention. With her sophomore album Twin Earth out today, it is 11 tracks of experimental ambience. The minimalism is intensified and fulfilled by her fascinating choice of instruments and sounds, creating an other-wordly experience for the listener. Impressive to the end, Aphir's songwriting abilities, as well as her impeccable knack of knowing just how much to put into a track, have combined to create something that is not only technically outstanding, but something really quite special.

Twin Earth's intense innovation begins to unravel as Aphir takes us through her top five sources of inspiration.

1. Images of different worlds...

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I hear a lot of people say that tumblr is dead these days but I’ve been keeping mine going as a way to collect artworks that seem to represent the world I imagine my music being set in. It’s a futuristic world with lots of liquid shapes, warm colours, and crystal cities.

2. Jem and the Holograms. ..

This was originally an ‘80s cartoon but it’s recently been turned into an amazing comic book series. It’s about a band whose lead singer leads a double life as the holographic front woman ‘Jem’ and the band manager, Jerrica. I love the idea that Jerrica leads these two different lives simultaneously.

3. Audio technology...

I produced, mixed, and mastered the record myself and I learned a lot of nerdy tech stuff in the process. I used three different DAWs in different stages of production (Ableton, Cubase, and Pro Tools) and the boundless ways that each of these allowed me to manipulate my own vocal sounds provided me with so much inspiration for the album’s sound design.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s...

More than one of the song titles on this record is a deliberate nod to this story. It’s funny because the main character, Holly Golightly, takes on different identities within the narratives of both the novel and the film, and then her story ends differently in each so it’s like she leads a quadruple life. I like that, in the book, it’s ultimately her transience and her changeability that define her - it’s a cool personality paradox that I think about a lot.

5. Everyone who’s ever suggested I shouldn't make a record like this, or that I shouldn’t make it on my own...

I’ve been talking about leading different lives and changing personalities and all this sort of stuff as a big inspiration for Twin Earth, but the album does finish with a definite message. I think sometimes people naturally doubt my abilities because I’m fairly short, fairly quiet woman - I want this album to remove that doubt.

To catch Aphir play tracks from Twin Earth live, head along to her upcoming live shows.