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The Kawaii Poop Museum Experience Is Coming To Australia

5 December 2023 | 10:22 am | Jessie Lynch

The Unko Museum offers a whimsical and immersive journey into the world of adorable crap.

Unko Museum: The Kawaii Poop Experience

Unko Museum: The Kawaii Poop Experience (Supplied)

The Unko Museum, the Japanese-style installation dedicated to the cuteness of poop, is set to make its Australian debut in Melbourne on Wednesday, December 20.

The museum has already captured the attention of millions in Japan, and now Melburnians and tourists alike can revel in the quirky experience that combines pastels and poop for a truly unique adventure.

Taking inspiration from Japan's kawaii poop trend, the Unko Museum offers a whimsical and immersive journey into the world of adorable crap.

The installation features zones and areas designed for visitors to take Instagram-worthy snaps, filling their social media feeds with pastel emoji-esque excrement. The main attractions include images of poop projected throughout the venue, selfie opportunities with poop props and flying poop, and retro-style games in the aptly named Crappy Game Corner.

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The museum doesn't shy away from embracing the theme, with pastel-hued toilets lining a wall under the playful label "my unko maker."

Neon poop signs, giant poops, a ball pit filled with poop-shaped balls, poop hats, walls adorned with toilet seats, glowing poop lights, and even a towering toilet-shaped doorway contribute to the whimsical atmosphere. And of course, visitors can exit through the gift shop, where they can pick up kawaii poop merchandise and souvenirs to remember their unforgettable experience.

The Unko Museum has been a massive hit in Japan, with 1.4 million people incorporating the interactive experience into their itineraries as of October 2023.

Now, Melburnians and tourists in Australia can expect to spend 30–60 minutes revelling in endearing crap in a family-friendly setting because, as the museum emphasises, poop is for everyone.

While there's no confirmation yet on whether the Unko Museum will make its way to other Australian cities, the anticipation is high.

Unko Museum: The Kawaii Poop Experience opens on Wednesday, December 20 at 360 Bourke Street, Melbourne — head to the pop-up's website to join the waitlist for tickets, which go on sale on Tuesday, November 28.