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TEXT MESSAGE INTERVIEW: FOURA and Big Skeez chat their new collab 'On Tonight'

28 April 2021 | 2:24 pm | Emma Jones

Naarm/Melbourne DJ and producer FOURA and West Sydney Afroswing artist Big Skeez chat their new collab 'On Tonight', out now via NLV Records.

It's no secret we love ourselves some NLV Records around these parts of the internet. Always with their finger on the pulse, their growing roster continues to represent the very forefront of exciting new music, defined by an ethos of pushing sounds into newfound territories as opposed to strict genre constraints. From the game-changing labelhead in Nina Las Vegas to the formidable electronic pop force du jour of Ninajirachi and Kota BanksSwickLaces and many more, to join the NLV Records ranks is to prove you've got something seriously special going on, and that rings certainly true for their latest two signings.

Naarm/Melbourne DJ and producer FOURA and West Sydney Afroswing artist Big Skeez are the two new names on the NLV Records block, and their first release comes in the form of a collaborative single between them. Titled 'On Tonight', it's a high energy, pop-influenced garage track courtesy of FOURA's production which provides the perfect bed for Big Skeez to lay his lyrics down on. It's an impressive coming together of two distinct styles, and shows the two artists working in harmony to create a serious moment between them.

"It’s been such a fun journey working on this single,” FOURA said. “When Skeez hit me up for a collab I couldn’t have been more excited. I sent him a beat and within 2 days he hit me back with the sickest vocals. I was blown away, he’s a phenomenal talent.”

“Signing the track with NLV Records shortly after, having been such a fan of the label for the longest time, made the whole experience an absolute dream. I’m so excited to share this slammer of a track with everyone and hope it soundtracks some absolutely wild nights out.”

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To celebrate the release of 'On Tonight', we got to peep in at FOURA's and Big Skeez's texts in which they discuss their collab, the absolutely epic visuals and how it's been since the track has dropped. Check it all out below!

Big Skeez and FOURA chat their new collab

'On Tonight' is out now via NLV Records. Buy/stream here.

Intro by Emma Jones

Main Image: Mark Reid