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Introducing Dublin's Pillow Queens with ten things you need to know about them

18 August 2020 | 2:11 pm | Emma Jones

Dublin's Pillow Queens might not be an act you're familiar with just yet, but that looks set to change soon as the four piece continue to pick up speed across the world. Being hailed as one of the most exciting indie queer-rock bands on the verge of breaking through, they've just shared a brand new single and have a debut album on the way.

For fans of Middle Kids or Julia JacklinPillow Queens' music finds the tenderness in the every day, and the special in the mundane. They channel their thoughts on the world around them through their songwriting, tapping into freedom of expression through indie rock stylings to create an authentic, genuine and heartfelt sound. Having made a name for themselves over the last few years abroad, they look set to truly make their mark with their forthcoming debut, In Waiting, which is the end result of a band dead set on remaining true to themselves and embracing life as they know it together. Their latest single, 'Handsome Wife', is all the evidence you need to get on board, with its soaring hook, scruffy guitars and moments that confirm they really are rockstars-in-the-making.

With In Waiting set for release September 25, what better time to get to know them a little better. Here, the band themselves take us through ten things any new Pillow Queens fan should know, from being hailed as local heroes to drag collectives to having shots with Future Islands. Dive in:

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1. Cathy fell of a carnival ride when she was a teenager and was hailed a local hero

2. Pamela’s obsessed with puppets, she even has one that was made in her likeness.

3. Pillow Queens first gig was a sell out that we organised in aid of Cara Rescue Dogs

4. Sarah was a stunt double for Mrs Brown in Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

5. Pamela is part of a DIY drag collective called GlitterHOLE that runs events in Dublin

6. Rachel swears by a double cheese burger and a hot chocolate to settle her tummy

7. Cathy got a head full of dreadlocks when she visited Darwin in 2009, she also saw Pink on the cliff walk from Randwick to Bonsai. 10/10.

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8. We had shots of Whiskey with Future Islands after our first Stadium gig. ? The night did not end smoothly...

9. The band are prone to being very clumsy.. Pamela has fallen in some very bizarre situations and Rachel dropped a fender amp on her hand the first day of tour. Pictures of bruises available on request ?

10. During lockdown we took part in Irish Women in Harmony, which saw us perform alongside some of Ireland’s most talented musicians and our cover of The Cranberries song Dreams. It ended up going to number 1 in the Irish homegrown charts. So far the song has raised €215,000

'Handsome Wife' is out now, buy/stream hereIn Waiting is out September 25, pre-order here.

Introduction by Emma Jones

Main Image by Faolán Carey, all other images supplied by Pillow Queens