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Hometown Guide: Cut Copy on Melbourne

2 December 2014 | 7:28 pm | Isabella T

Cut Copy give us the insider goss into best places to be in their hometown, Melbourne.


At Purple Sneakers, we care about about the cultural wellbeing of our fellow readers. So we love presenting to you awesome guides from our favourite musos. Today in our latest offering, CUT COPY are taking the reigns, illuminating us about Australia's capitol of cool, Melbourne.

Cut Copy may spend most of their time touring the globe off the back of successful records (most recently, the group’s stellar Acid House homage Free Your Mind) but they'll always be Melbournians at heart. Since their breakthrough record, In Ghost Colours, these four talents lads have been holding the torch for Melbourne's electronic scene, placing the small metropolitan city on the world stage. 

The band have taken their ambassador role on step further with the release of Ocean's Aparta compilation record featuring some of the most talented and innovative masters of Melbourne's underground dance scene. Featuring Roland Tings, Tornado Wallace and Knightlife, the album offers a glimpse into the burgeoning dance culture dominating the city.

So Cut Copy have been educating us out of towner's about their city's emerging dance scene, but now for Purple Sneakers, they'll be offering us a glimpse into what the city can offer in terms of partying, drinking and hanging out!


Edinburgh Gardens

"It’s a ritual well known to locals, but Edinburgh gardens seems to be a hipster magnet around this time of year when the weather starts to warm up. After a borderline-apocalyptic New Years eve dance party in the park a few years ago, gatherings in the park almost got banned. But thankfully the tradition lives on (minus the dance party). Thank god, because nothing hits the spot on a summers day like a patch of grass, and a cold beer in hand."


The Mercat

"The undisputed heard of Melbourne’s club culture at the moment lies at the Mercat, having been home to many of the city’s best parties and club nights over the past 3 or 4 years. Entering is a lot like walking into a World War 2 bunker, but let’s face it; house and techno wasn’t made to be listened to in a grand ballroom. So it works!"

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Handsome Steve’s House of Refreshment

 "One of the most esoteric Melbourne bars is run by Steve Miller, formerly of iconic Melbourne post-punk band The Moodists. Aside from offering great conversation, his bar offers a relaxed atmosphere and a small curated menu featuring a pie floater, a selection of cheeses and pork products, home made lemonade and Carlton Draft on tap."


Found Sound

"Most musicians are familiar with the classic second-hand instrument store; full of 99% junk, and only rarely will something of quality grace the shelves. But in recent months a new store has opened up in Melbourne, specialising in only collectable and remarkable pieces. Hallelujah! If this isn’t the mecca of all things vintage and electronic then I don't know what is…"


Lazer Pig

"Although I haven’t spent much time in Melbourne over the last year, while being on the road with my band, every time I come back, there is a new bar that seems to be where everyone wants to hang out. The new one is Lazer Pig; sporting a fully stocked bar, a rotation of excellent DJs spinning tunes, pizza kitchen, and (let’s not forget) a big neon sign of a pig with a laser coming out of its forehead. What’s not to like?"


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