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Top ten Australian tunes as chosen by Taxx's Luen Jacobs + Giveaway

25 January 2017 | 3:47 pm | Hannah Galvin

Sydney collective TAXX are throwing a Melbourne and Sydney party with a bunch of legends, so we asked head honcho Luen Jacobs for her top ten Aus tracks!

With a taste for electronica, dance, beats and ambient music, Sydney collective TAXX scout local artists who are powerfully forward-thinking, genre-bending and at times influenced by world music.

Run by DJ Luen Jacobs (also the lady responsible for the since defunct Hand Games collective), TAXX aims to expose these innovative artists in the form of mixtapes, parties, a recent residency on digital station FBi Click and an upcoming blog and zine series. Stay tuned for those!

On the topic of parties, the crew have decided to hop out of the FBi Click studio and into the clubs, for TAXX is hitting up Melbourne's Boney on Thursday, 26th January, as well as Freda's in Sydney next Friday, 3rd February. With a focus on allowing some of our country's most talented DJs to engulf you for an evening, the parties will see PrequelSam WestonHubert Clarke Jr and LUEN herself take to the decks in order to flaunt some incredibly esteemed music.

To give you a taste of what TAXX emits, give Luen Jacobs' top ten Aussie dance tracks a decent rinse before hitting up the shows over the next week. These ones were chosen for their dancefloor vibes, so you know what to do!

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Hubert Clarke Jr 'Berry'

"This is my favourite Hubert Clarke Jr track. I do have many favourites of his, but this one is so good to play - it's warm and chunky and gets in my gut. It's also got a pretty heavy feel so you can rile a crowd up with it."

Sam Weston 'Don't Save Face' (Extended Edit)

"This is off Sam Weston's new EP out through Soothsayer. It would be the perfect backdrop to a 13-minute long party scene in a film where around the six minute mark, everyone on the dance floor were joined in euphoric unison with their hands in the air."

Tuff Sherm & Patch Free 'Dern Work'

"Tuff Sherm and Patch Free have done two collaborative EPs, the first one on Butter Sessions and one on Hot Haus/ UTTU. This track is off the second EP. It's hot and heavy and I really want to see someone drop it on a d floor in the later half of the night. I'd probably lose my mind."

Prequel 'Walken'

"This is my favourite Prequel track to play out, it's relaxed but has a nice little oomf to it. It makes me feel like getting dressed up and being a little bit fancy / maybe going to a jazz club. This track is from Prequel's second Rhythm Section release. 'Saints' on the same EP is also fucking great."

Tornado Wallace 'Kakadu'

"This is the first thing I downloaded from Tornado Wallace after seeing him at Strawberry Fields last year. His set was so incredible, I got a hold of this tune as soon as I was back in the range of Internet land. My friend Maria and I danced for his entire set and actually felt a bit down and sad when it was over. I also heard Kato play this at a kick on last week and it made me happy."

Mall Grab 'Catching Feelings'

"This is a new track from Mall Grab, it's not out yet digitally so this might get taken down but.. It's got an Outkast sample in it and I love how boss she is. She's talking about a one night stand and how he doesn't even know her name but fuck it. I am so into the melody too, which literally rides through the entire song. I'm usually more of a percussive girl but in this instance it's all about the melody, you'll be humming it in no time."

Xanga 'Boom Boom' (Nite Fleit Remix)

"I love Xanga, it's no secret. He's been on the TAXX compilations a few times, I've played him in the middle of the night on Triple J, the middle of the day on FBi Radio and he's headlined a TAXX party early in 2016. When I saw Nite Fleit did a remix of his banga 'Boom Boom Boom' I was stoked. She takes it up a notch and I think I'd need a couple litres of water after breaking loose to this one."

Magic Pirate 'R U Ready'

"Omg. This track. All I can say is that I'm disappointed it doesn't go for longer. I got into Magic Pirate through his Ccolo project released through Multi Culti, then found this EP second which Motorik released. It's pretty up and down in energy, but the up parts have the best drums, very raven."

Sampology 'Thicker Than Water ft. Tiana Khasi'

"Ok this isn't really a dance floor heater, but you can 100% groove to it. I really like Sampology's new direction on this last EP - groovy, soulful, warm and fluid. I'm from Brisbane too, so feeling very hometown proud. Also holy shit who is Tiana Khasi and how beautiful are her vocals on 'Thicker Than Water'. Need to see her perform live."

Super Fun Bumper Edition 'Merge'

"Ok here's my last one, thought I'd rep another Brissy release. These guys have a podcast called Beats Of No Nation which I find a lot of my music through. It's a collaborative duo of Jad Lee (aka Jad & The Lady Boy) and Charles Murdoch who used to be in the disco band Mitzi together a few years ago. They started a record label with a bunch of mates under the same Beats Of No Nation name and this is the first release. I'm keen to see what else they put out cos this tune is fire!"


Keen on Sam Weston's Never Been In Love EP? Wanna explore the sonic territory of Prequel? Well, we've buddied up with TAXX to give away a double pass to both the Sydney and Melbourne parties.

To make them yours, email your full name and city of party preference to with the subject line, 'TAXX MY WEEKEND'.


Thursday, 26th January

Boney, Melbourne

w/ Prequel, Sam Weston, Hubert Clarke Jr + LUEN

Tickets on the door - $10 before 10pm / $15 after

Friday, 3rd February

Freda's, Sydney

w/ Prequel, Hubert Clarke Jr + LUEN

Tickets on the door - $10 before 10pm / $15 after

Words by Hannah Galvin.