Set Mo tell us their top five favourite extended mixes ahead of four hour set

4 November 2016 | 12:31 pm | Emma Jones

Set to play a massive four hour set in celebration of their latest single, we asked Set Mo to tell us about some of their favourite extended mixes.

Having just wrapped up a national tour supporting SAFIA, and releasing yet another pearler of a tune with 'See Right Through Me,' it seems the hype train isn't running out of steam any time soon for duo SET MO - and we're very happy about that.

Releasing what we think is one of the best videos of the year for 'See Right Through Me,' the duo have gone from strength to strength since the release of their breakthrough tune, 'White Dress', and they've managed to do it again with this latest single.

Set to end the year off with a bang at Lost Paradise and Southbound, whilst no doubt gearing up for another big year next year, Sydney fans are in for a treat this weekend as the boys prep for a 4 hour - yes, 4 hour - stamina session in support of their latest single. Supported by CHARLIE CHUX, the guys will be performing their extended set at the Civic Underground on Saturday, November 5th.

Because of this massive stunt they're about to pull off, we asked the guys to give us the scoop on some of their favourite extended mixes. Check out their favs below, and head HERE for more details on their 4 hour set!

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andhim - Superfriends (Live from Cologne)

Huge fans of andhim and their superhouse. Being a duo from Germany they make some deep, moody house music but manage to keep an air of fun and cheekiness to their production and sets. This four-hour set demonstrates how they move between deep, tech grooves all the way through to fun vocal disco stuff and everything in between.

Greg Wilson - 40th Anniversary at The Garage (Liverpool)

Greg Wilson is a legend in the true sense of the word. He's been DJing almost twice as long as we've been alive! He was the first person to DJ on national television in the UK back in the 80s. He still plays off reel-to-reel for God’s sake. He makes amazing edits and can most definitely play a proper extended set. I was lucky enough to see him play in a loft warehouse in Brooklyn a few years ago where he played all night. This will give you an idea of what it was like.

Floating Points & Four Tet @ Final Plastic People

Just shy of 6 hours of amazing music. Floating Points and Four Tet not only make great music, but certainly know how to DJ too. Here they played back to back for the closing of the famous Plastic People party in London and go all over the shop, covering everything from their influences, friends that also played the party and their own music made just for the party. Strap yourself in for this journey of a mix.

Adriatique @ Zukunft

This Swiss duo really know how to capture melancholy in their DJ sets and were lucky enough to see them play till the early hours of the morning on a recent trip to Ibiza. This mix is certainly at the deeper end of the spectrum starting at grooving late night house and heading all the way to some really late night techno but pops out the other side just in time for sunrise! Probably best suited for the after after party.

H.O.S.H. - Live from Watergate (Dynamic Showcase)

We were always kinda into H.O.S.H. stuff and then we saw him play a Dynamic showcase in Ibiza and he blew our mind! He has this subtle style of playing these obscure grooves but puts them together so well. He definitely knows how to build over a few hours without ever going all out. He taught us how, if there's a good groove going you can literally keep a dance floor in the palm of your hand for hours. This three-hour set shows us how.

Set Mo 4 hour set

Civic Underground

November 5th

Words by Emma Jones.