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Lastlings, Romy, Ta-ku, Skeleten, SMAK, Zion Garcia + More Purple Sneakers Best New Music

9 June 2023 | 3:52 pm | Jessie Lynch

The best new tunes you need in your life from this week from Lastlings, Romy, Ta-ku, Skeleten, K.Flay, SMAK, Lost Frequencies + More

Purple Sneakers New Music

Purple Sneakers New Music (Supplied)

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap-up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday. 

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Lastlings - Gravity

Of the fifth and final cut of their forthcoming album Perfect World, out Friday 23 June, sibling duo, Amy and Josh Dowd said of their latest single, “We had been stuck on finishing this song throughout the entirety of writing this record. Amy used parts of a song that she wrote years ago, for example, the very end of the track, 'Now we’re on hold'. We asked Rinzen, who remixed a song of ours from our first record to add his finishing touches to this track. The driving gritty bassline is our favourite part of this song.” 

Romy - Loveher

Romy today releases her latest single, the Fred again..-produced Loveher. It’s a pivotal track for Romy and acts as both the album opener and the first song to be written for her forthcoming record, Mid Air.

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Romy and Fred were first paired together to write songs for other people, but their fast friendship and musical connection proved to be a spark for something new. After writing Loveher, a declarative pop song about the intimacy of falling in love with a woman, “Fred asked me, who could this be for?” explains Romy “and I tentatively said... ‘maybe me?’”. A proud and positive queer love story, this was the beginning of Mid Air.

Zion Garcia - MUNCH

Speaking of his latest track, the Western Sydney rapper says, “I’ve been trialling MUNCH at every show I’ve done for the past two years, and the crowd response was insane every time. I’m unintentionally so sporadic and scatterbrained on it, to the point where I think people just feel free enough to go wild with it”

Ta-ku - SMILE feat. Xavier Omar, DAISY WORLD & ROMderful

"SMILE really sets the tone to my debut album Songs To Come Home To [out August 25]. A celebration and testament to the power of creative collaboration with artists I have admired for a long time," Ta-ku said of SMILE. 

"It’s a reminder of finding joy, happiness & safety in the small things that we may take for granted. This first single pays homage to where I’ve come from, where I am & where I’m going."

He added, "No matter who we are, where we are in life or thought we’d be in life, do things that make you smile. Do it with the people who make you smile.”

Skeleten - Territory Day

Skeleten (real name Russell Fitzgibbon) shares of Territory Day’s origins: “I made the main idea one night back before I was even thinking of Skeleten as a real project. It was Territory Day, a holiday in the Northern Territory where everyone lets off fireworks for one night, and I was distinctly thousands of kms away from there." 

"I always wanted to revisit the idea and after a few years and the pandemic, I came back to it and felt it all new. Felt that expression of simple longing travelling through time and space, and thought about the power of all the desires and struggles crossing the globe like radio waves. I wanted to shout out to everyone trying at anything.”


Speaking of the track that was produced by Brisbane rapper and producer Nerve, SMAK said, “I heard the beat from Nerve and knew I had to do something with it! The track came together super quickly and we had a lot of fun putting it together, this one is just bars on bars!”

Slayyyter - Out of Time

On the new single, Slayyyter shares, "Out of Time is the first chapter of my next era. It sums up a lot of characters I've met around Hollywood. People with big dreams that somehow get stuck in the mix, people convincing themselves there is still time to make it happen." 

"It was inspired by a lot of my own anxieties and insecurities about being a smaller artist in the music industry. I think some of it came from a place of existential dread I have in general too. I've grown up so much since I started making music and this song is a slick 80s rebirth for me about anyone who has ever wanted to be famous.”

K.Flay - ShyOf the single, K.Flay shares: “In my music, I’m so comfortable being loud and brazen, but in my personal life, I can be a bit shy. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships. I wrote this song after I’d just met my (now) girlfriend. And I sent it to her out of the blue. I guess I only know how to flirt through songs? It worked though.” 

Lost Frequencies - The Feeling

Lost Frequencies has returned to take us on a ride with his new glimmering up-tempo release The Feeling, a mesmerising country-infused-meets-electronic track set to ignite airwaves and dancefloors across the country.

 Purple Disco Machine - Bad CompanyThe present-day king of disco, Purple Disco Machine pays homage to his roots with his latest release Bad Company which sonically transports you to the 80s with yet another disco cut ready to conquer the dancefloor.