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PREMIERE: Daisy Pring Delves Into Toxicity + Dependence In 'Falling Together'

9 October 2023 | 3:24 pm | Jessie Lynch

'Falling Together' dives into the messy world of toxic relationships, dependence, and the bonds of friendship.

Daisy Pring

Daisy Pring (Joelle Parisotto)

Following hot on the success of her previous hit, Retrograde, South Coast Pop/R&B talent Daisy Pring is back with her latest single, Falling Together , which dives deep into the messy world of toxic relationships, dependence, and the bonds of friendship.

Produced by Taka Perry with a dance/R&B beat reminiscent of The Weekend or Dua Lipa, Falling Together is a dancefloor-ready bop that provides perfect backdrop for Pring’s soaring vocal performance.

“The song started as a rough demo on Garageband that I wrote at home on my midi piano,” Daisy said of Falling Together. “I brought this track to Taka at his studio and from there we re-worked the entire piece to become a headbanging power anthem.”

“I showed Taka my inspiration playlist and for this track we drew inspiration from some of my favorite artists The Weeknd and Raye, Taka started to thicken up the song from the original piano chords up, adding a sick guitar riff in the post chorus which is one of my favorite parts of the track.”

“We then worked on the verses and the chorus keeping the theme of poison and toxins as a metaphor for the toxic relationship the song speaks about. The bridge is pretty much the only section that was kept from the original demo.”

Daisy added, “Some of my favorite lyrics in the song are in the pre-chorus: ‘I can tell it's been messing you up, falling out and in, in out of love,’ which was definitely a bit of a tongue twister to record!”

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Thematically, the track is told through the eyes of an individual trying desperately to console a friend who had found themselves in the grips of a toxic relationship.

“This song is from the perspective of someone watching a friend stuck in the cycle of a toxic relationship,” Daisy explained.

“It acknowledges the back and forth, the lost time, the late nights and how it can make you lose yourself. It has a recurring theme of poison and toxins ‘chemical creature’ ‘ touched by the toxic.’”

Already making a mark in her short career, Daisy has rocked stages at festivals like Unwind In the Vines and Crooked River Winter Wine Festival, sharing the limelight with the likes of Spacey Jane and Vera Blue — so be sure to watch this space.

You can check out the exclusive premiere of Falling Together below, with the track dropping on all streaming platforms tomorrow (Oct. 10).