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Odd Culture Group Opens Pleasure Club In Sydney's Inner West

23 February 2024 | 10:12 am | Jessie Lynch

"Surrender to your primal instincts, embrace the allure of sin, and revel in the celebration of the unique and unconventional. When that curtain opens, expect the unexpected."

Pleasure Club

Pleasure Club (Parker Blain)

Pleasure Club, the latest venture from Odd Culture Group, is officially open for business. Tucked away on Wilson Street, it's not your typical spot, offering a fusion of live music, inventive cocktails, and a vibe that's anything but ordinary.

Skip down the stairs beneath the glowing purple eye and enter Pleasure Club, a 120-seat joint that blurs the lines between a top-notch cocktail bar and a lively music space. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, 4 pm to 4 am, it's the perfect place for your nocturnal escapades.

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Nick Zavadszky, the Creative Director, said of the club’s vision: “It really will be a different beast depending on the occasion. There will be some heaving and revelrous late nights as well as some pared-back, lo-fi shows. We've spent a lot of time engineering the journey from evening into late-night, with cues for transitioning to what we call Dark Service around the 11pm mark. You’ll have to experience that one for yourself.”

“At Pleasure Club, you can always expect good service, good drinks, and to be entertained—the path by which you get there, though, may be a wildcard on any given night. ”

Sam Kirk, the maestro behind the bar, teamed up with the renowned Matt Whiley for A Pleasure Club Story. First up is Nostalgia Machine, a trip down memory lane with drinks like Passion Pop, Sex Wax and Vegemite that scream '90s and '00s vibes.

Kirk said of the Pleasure Club’s unique sips, “The drinks are made seriously but are approached in a cheeky, light-hearted way and are made to challenge your senses. We have had a lot of fun going off the beaten track and trying unconventional methods to achieve the right result. We’re not afraid to get experimental and do what it takes to evoke the right sensory experience, and have spent a lot of time playing with ingredients you’d never really expect.”

But Pleasure Club isn't just about the drinks. The dark service menu, kicking in around 11 pm, brings fresh twists on classics and experimental concoctions. And when those late-night munchies hit, Chef James MacDonald has your back with four gourmet hot dogs that hit the spot.

As for tunes, Entertainment Manager Sabrina Medcalf is curating a mix of live acts—from solo performances to psychedelic rock explosions. Pleasure Club aims to keep it real, offering free, inclusive entertainment. Monthly lineups drop on socials, and rumour has it there are a few secret shows in the mix.

Medcalf said, “Crafting the entertainment experience at Pleasure Club has felt akin to curating the art inside a grand museum. Art defies convention (or at least the best art should) - It’s immersive, experimental, subjective, confronting and stirs something in you which is everything the Pleasure Club entertainment bill seeks to offer.”

”Surrender to your primal instincts, embrace the allure of sin, and revel in the celebration of the unique and unconventional. When that curtain opens, expect the unexpected.”

You can find Pleasure Club at 6 Wilson Street, Newtown, NSW.

Opening Weekend Line-Up at Pleasure Club

Friday, February 23rd

  • Frank Sultana

  • Golden Scissor Puppets

  • After 11 PM - Dane Blacklock & The Preacher's Daughter, DJ Ciara

Saturday, February 24th

  • Capocci's Kings of Rhythm

  • After 11 PM - Large Mirage, DJ Baschoe

Sunday, February 25th

  • The Dark Horse

  • After 11 PM - Porcelain Alice, DJ Kali