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Meet The Musos: Get To Know Multitalented Indigenous Rapper The Boy Of Many Colours

28 July 2023 | 11:05 am | Jessie Lynch

"I’m about to release the wildness."

The Boy Of Many Colors

The Boy Of Many Colors (Supplied)

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Indigenous rapper, producer, dancer, visual designer and editor Coedie Ochre Warrah McCarthy - aka The Boy Of Many Colors - has today (July 28) returned with his latest single, Take Me Back, marking the second track to be lifted from his forthcoming self-titled debut album due for release in October 2023.

Following on from last year’s raw and powerful single Good Mourning, The Boy Of Many Colors’ latest offering sees him go in hard with unrivalled rhythm and flow as he speaks of his “Hunger to return to the old ways of living back when his ancestors walked the land. Back when the green Mother Earth was abundant and in a flow state. Before.”

The video for Take Me Back' was shot at Hydrofunk’s new HQ in the hinterlands of the Byron shire, Bundjalung nation, and depicts The Boy Of Many Color in classic street Murrie attire sitting around a sacred fire in the sky surrounded by emptiness.

It shines a light on the reality that even the most unsuspecting First Nations people hold the magic of their ancestors and are not to be overlooked or underestimated.

The Boy Of Many Colors’ latest release follows a string of singles including All The Same, Got You, Do It For, Hungy and collaborations with Kira Divine Dance So Wildly and 'When A Tree Falls Feat. Emily Wurramara, building up to the release of his debut album.

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The self-titled 12-track record will be out in late October 2023 through Hydrofunk Records & MGM.

In celebration of his latest single and his forthcoming album, we sussed out everything you need to know about The Boy Of Many Colors.

Take Me Back is available on all digital platforms here.

Give us the story behind your name?

Coedie Ochre Warrah McCarthy translates to “the boy of many colours, that fame in the falling rain” - it’s my full traditional name given to me at birth.

If your music was a flavour, what would it taste like?

My music would be wholesome and hearty full of substance and depth like kangaroo in broth with rice, garnished with herbs and chilli flakes.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they impacted your own sound and style?

Kendrick [Lamar] and J.Cole have to be my two main idols musically. I think I draw from both their flows and storytelling, I feel like they both have all the right elements of impeccable artistry.

What’s been the biggest moment in your career so far?

I’d have to say headlining the Global Village World Stage at Splendour In The Grass 2022, not only did the crowd show up and go off but I shared the stage with some incredible dancers, Garna (my cousin) and Slowth.

We spent months prepping and handling everything from lighting to choreography, we filmed the whole process and produced an official after-movie for those who want to check out the homemade extravaganza!

What's the most unusual or unexpected source of inspiration you've drawn from when writing a song?

Every time is different but I guess one of the strangest was first a film clip idea that needed a song, kind of working backwards in a way. Being a filmmaker I always have clip ideas but not usually in that order.

Can you share a hilarious or cringe-worthy moment from your early days as an artist?

One of my first shows we jumped up for a live cypher on the main stage of a festival and as I finally got the mic the band cut the music and finished the song as I spat my first line haha shame job!

What are the top three tracks or artists you’re vibing on rn?

Earth Gang, Lil Simz, Cordae. All dope af.

What’s something that fans not might know about you?

I run a production company as a day job producing films for all sorts of clients, from music clips to educational content documenting elders’ knowledge.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

NAS & Damien Marley Distant Relatives. IYKYK.

What's in the works for you in 2023?

I’m coming in hot, been grinding up till this point and now I’m about to release three singles and then my debut self-titled album! Not to mention feature tracks with Moss, Narli, Bates and Kyle Lionhart just to name a few.

I’ve been busy in the Hydrofunk studio nestled in the Bundjalung bushlands and now I’m about to release the wildness.