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Meet The Musos: Get To Know Melbourne's Kwasi Following The Release Of 'Ready To Go'

31 May 2023 | 3:06 pm | Jessie Lynch

Following the release of Ready To Go, we chat with Kwasi to find out all your need to know about the rising star.


Kwasi (Supplied)

Naarm/Melbourne-based artist Kwasi has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with his raw and boundary-pushing sound - and now he's back with his new single Ready To Go.

With a creative alchemy that knows no bounds, Kwasi's music combines the fiery energy of punk rock with the luring essence of alternative hip-hop. Kwasi's lyrics and production reflect his deep admiration for rap and hip hop, resulting in a unique sonic experience.

Kwasi's career has been marked by groundbreaking collaborations and remarkable achievements. From his 2022 release Self Sabotage, featuring Congrats (aka Ben Stewart of Slowly Slowly) and produced by Hamley, to the trailblazing Aura Glow in 2018, which showcased his innovative artistry alongside Allday and Gracelands, Kwasi has continuously pushed the boundaries as an artist. 

Now, Kwasi is set to release his highly anticipated single Ready To Go, an anthem that encapsulates the spirit of overcoming life's trials and tribulations through the power of music.

The track surges with an energetic and unapologetic fervour, while simultaneously maintaining a laid-back and introspective vibe. With poignant lyrics that address themes of isolation, confusion, and heartache, Ready To Go invites listeners to shake off life's stresses and embrace the cathartic power of music.

The banger of a track is a testament to Kwasi's distinctive sound and creative vision, showcasing his mastery of blending sweeping melodies and fiery beats as it contrasts his frantic energy with moments of being cool, calm and collected.

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Throughout his career, Kwasi has shared stages with renowned artists such as 360, Banks Arcade, Evangeline, Genesis Owusu, Congrats, Illy, Allday, Sophie Grophy, D12, M-Phazes, Xzibit, Hopsin, and Yelawolf, solidifying his distinctive presence in the music industry. 

Following the release of Ready To Go, we chat to Kwasi to find out all you need to know about the rising star.

Can you give us the story behind your name?

The name ‘Kwasi’ is rooted in my Ghanaian heritage. In Ghana you have what’s called a ‘Kradin’, ‘Kradin’ translates to ‘Soul Name’ in English. 

Your ‘Soul Name’ is given to you based on the day of the week you are born on. I was born on a Sunday, therefore my soul’s name is ‘Kwasi Selecting the artist name Kwasi solidifies my intention to create from my soul and move towards what is meaningful to me.

If your music was a flavour, what would it taste like?

It tastes like a mango beer, bittersweet truths for an acquired palette that leave you intoxicated.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and how have they impacted your own sound and style?

Kid Cudi; His ability to express vulnerability through music and go against the grain. He keeps his lyrical content simple, so the meaning isn’t lost, whilst infusing poetic intricacies. 

Lenny Kravitz: The way he dresses and carries himself as an individual. Although many of the original Rockstars were black, many of them were overshadowed by the commercial push and success of white artists. Lenny Kravitz was able to exist in this space and make it his own.

Kanye West: He is a visionary, I draw a lot of inspiration from him when it comes to building a universe around your art and curating teams to make it possible.

Andre 3000: His ability to go against the grain and break down barriers, he inspires me to experiment and challenge expectations.

What’s been the biggest moment in your career so far?

Curating and selling out A Kwasi Experience events in 2019. I was able to expand my artistic expression to a level I hadn’t previously been able to.

Collaborating with music artists, graphic artists, video artists, photo artists, tattoo artists, catering, pop-up stores and brand partnerships. Creating a unique experience for my fans.

What's the most unusual or unexpected source of inspiration you've drawn from when writing a song?

My artistry is a form of creative alchemy. I incorporate raw samples into my music pieces to create something beautiful. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you listen to my new single Ready to Go carefully, there are some raw moments captured within that are taken from real life.

Can you share a hilarious or cringe-worthy moment from your early days as an artist?

I had a lot of reckless weekends. During one particular Friday night adventure, I decided to head out to a venue in Melbourne called Fashion Keyboard

Already heavily intoxicated on arrival, I stumbled into the venue ready to wreak havoc.. Only 30 minutes in and I was cut off from the bar. Ready to seek my revenge, I spotted a tray of freshly cleaned pint glasses out of the corner of my eye. 

Without hesitation, I reached for the tray and flipped it over, SMASH! Shards of glass go everywhere. 

The bar staff grabbed me by the scruff and called over the security guards - I was clutching onto the edge of the bar for dear life as the guards struggled to pull me away and eventually started laying punches into me. 

My grasp was loosened, they slammed my head against the wall leaving my nose bloodied. 

Dazed, high and sauced out of my mind, they carried me like a plank of wood down the stairs and threw me out of the venue. 

Anyway, fast forward 4 weeks and I arrive at the same venue, a little less sauced up and ready to perform one of my first shows in Melbourne. Curious as to whether they would recognise me, I managed to slide into the venue, up on stage and performed my entire set unnoticed. 

As I was packing down my equipment, the promoter approached me and said they were trying to have me removed from the venue due to a permanent ban. He sweet-talked the owners and allowed me to hang around if I didn’t get too sauced and they even ended up lifting my permanent ban. The sweet Kwasi melodies must have swayed them. 

After that experience and a few other dicey situations, I thought it was best for all if I focused on my artistry.

What are the top three tracks or artists you’re vibing on right now?

Shrimp  this body means nothing to me

Bakar 1st Time

Mansur BrownMashita

What’s something that your fans not might know about you?

When I first moved to Melbourne to pursue my dreams as an artist, I lived on my mate's floor out of a backpack for 6 months.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

A bit of a cheat answer because it’s a double album, but it would be Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

It crosses multiple genres and creates an experience through narrative. Catering for varying emotions, I wouldn’t get bored easily and could play it to suit different moods.

What's in the works for you in 2023?

I'm iff to the Philippines this June to play shows and do some radio appearances to promote my new single Ready to Go.

In partnership with a company called Instinctively Human I am developing my ‘Alchemy Apparel collection. I'm passionate about repurposing raw materials into something new and unique. 

Usually limited to my music creations, I’ve decided to expand my ethos into the fashion domain. The idea was inspired by the environmental damage occurring in my dad's home country of Ghana, where castaway clothing from the Western world ends up in landfills, adding unnecessary pollution to the environment. 

Fast fashion produces 92 million tons of textile waste per year, and the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. 

To address this issue, my approach to creating my upcoming apparel will be driven by artistic alchemy, repurposing second-hand clothing and accessories instead of adding to oversaturated music merchandise. 

I’ve already released an iron-on ‘READY TO GO’ patch that can be found on, to accompany the single release of the same title. 

Fans can use the patch to customise their own second-hand items. This will evolve into a full collection of one-of-a-kind pieces to accompany my next two singles Poison and Room Full of Broken Hearts featuring Congrats, due for release in August and November.