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LISTEN: Hand Games Mixtape #14

9 September 2013 | 6:13 pm | Tom Hutchins

It's now September, and the Hand Games team have just released this month's playlist. It's #14, and it's just as big as anything else they've put together.

Okay guys, you have to know what we're on about when we're talking about the HAND GAMES mixtape series? Seriously, it's got to be one of the best monthly 'Australian-Only' free mixtapes going around! Actually, we don't even know if there is anyone else that does what Hand Games do.

Anyway, since it's now September, the HG team have just released this months playlist. It's number 14, and it's just as big, if not bigger than, anything else they've put together. Featuring up and coming local acts from the Spunk, Silo Arts, Future Classic rosters, as well as a handful of unsigned acts - there is a wealth of Australian only talent here. Some you'll know, and some you need to get acquainted with - but with 13 tracks this is one playlist to keep you happy well into September.

Oh, and it features an exclusive Ta-Ku original. So that's pretty fucking cool.

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Hand Games Mixtape #14 Tracklisting

1. Brothers Hand Mirror - We Don't Hide

2. Hayden James - Embrace

3. Peter Bibby - Friends

4. Summer Flake - Naked or Nude

5. Lower Spectrum - Isometric

6. Ta-ku - Pagasa

7. Rainbow Chan - Haircut

8. Shining Bird - Stare Into The Sun

9. Native Cats - C of O


11. Moses MacRae - OG King Louder

12. Palms - In My Heart

13. Naughty Rappers Collective - Pimpish Behavior

Words by Tom Hutchins