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Get to Know: Xavier Mayne

10 October 2018 | 7:58 am | Emma Jones

I don't know about you, but I would say that if your debut single features the gigantic CHASE ATLANTIC, I'm going to safely assume big things are coming your way, and that's exactly what we have with newcomer XAVIER MAYNE. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the Brisbane-via-Cairns artist arrived in style earlier this year with 'Shleepin' featuring the US juggernaut, and now he's back with a brand new single titled 'Understand It'. Doubling down on his nocturnal RnB and channeling the likes of THE WEEKND, if there was any question whether XAVIER MAYNE is one to watch, this proves the answer is a resounding YES!

Teaming up with Goons Des Garcons* and Jay Cooper, 'Understand It' is a woozy RnB cut with trap stylings. Complete with rolling hats and heaving bass, it's an exciting snapshot into Mayne's abilities not just as a vocalist and songwriter, but as a producer as well. Discussing his new single, Mayne said, "The whole story of the song is the misunderstanding of intentions and the ever-changing levels of emotional attachment between two people as their relationship progresses."

Now, before he heads out on tour with CARMOUFLAGE ROSE later this year, we wanted to get to know the rising star before he well and truly conquers the world. Check it all out below!

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Who are you?

My name is Xavier Mayne and I’m a 21 year old artist from Cairns, Australia. I feel this project has been a therapeutic outlet for me to express and explore the beautiful dark side of my personality and emotions. The acceptance of all my greatness and all my shortcomings. 

How did Xavier Mayne come to be?

I think the first time I wrote a song was maybe when I was 11 or 12 – my Grandpa was a musician himself and he really loved Elvis. That’s kind of where I started my musical journey, playing guitar and singing Elvis covers with me good ole Grand-papa. Gramps taught me how to write my first song too. As I got older my music taste had become influence by my Dad, he grew up through the 80's and 90’s, loved everything Hiphop. NWA, Biggie, Tupac, Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Public Enemy etc. It really solidified my love for the rhythm & beat embodied in Hiphop & R&B music; melodies more so from R&B. 

I love involving myself in anything I feel is creative, wether thats film, photography, music or even business; but Music has always been my muse, it’s where I truly feel in my element. I started writing Xavier Mayne tracks through 2017 just for fun, but I didn’t really think about releasing anything until early 2018 when I had a few friends be like ‘hey this music’s really cool, you should do something with it’. I’d post little iPhone clips of tracks that I would be working in Logic on my instagram story and Snapchat, and just had so many people DM me with fire emojis... It was from there where I thought I was onto something haha

I play and write in another project called TYA, and at the time I was actually pretty scared to venture off and start my own solo project. Confrontation isn’t my strongest point and I was kind of afraid of what the other guys in the band would think if I were to start a second project on my own, but with the extra support and push I had from my friends Glenn Scissorhands and Mitchel Cave, I found the courage to go ahead and make this project happen; and thank fuq, ‘cause I’m really glad I did. The other members from TYA are my best mates in the world and they turned out to be super supportive of my move into this project, in fact, they’ll all be playing live with me as Xavier Mayne. Reece plays drums, his been my righthand man with all things XM business from the start. I now have super humans, Lauren Mikkor and Josh Taylor on board with management and we’re just about ready to take over the world. 

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

I’m really influence by artist like Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Asap Rocky, Drake & Kid Cudi. Not only do I love their music, I admire how they’ve conceptualised and branded their music, visual image and their public figure. Not only are they amazing musicians, songwriters & artists, they're also very creative business people as well. Not a lot of people are aware, but they all work together with a heap other incredible song-writers and producers, too many to list, but I’m a very BIG fan of them all too. 

My good friend Mitchel Cave from Chase Atlantic has been a massive mentor to me in regards to my musical journey, so naturally I draw a lot of influence from him too. He's really the one that opened my eyes to the infinite world of production and songwriting, his even given me a few tips about the music industry along the way. If it isn’t a song that we’ve collaborated on, Mitchel’s always the first person I send my demos too for feedback, he knows his shit. No matter how successful he his now, I always hear back. A straight up G! 

Tell us a bit about your new single, ‘Understand It’?

'Understand It' lures you into a down tempo groove with an unshakable refrain of emotion and vulnerability. The aura of the song revolves around the misunderstanding of intentions and the ever-changing levels of sexual & emotional attachment between two people as their relationship progresses. An intertwined conversation between myself, my anxieties and my relationships at the time.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

I’ll be kicking off my first first ever run on live shows at The Grass is Greener in Cairns on the 27th of October, then I’ll be hoping on tour with Camouflage Rose down the east cost and a couple side shows throughout November. Then finally ending the year with a huge tour around the UK and Europe with my good friends Chase Atlantic, then I’ll be back in Aus in Jan 2019 to drop new tunes, still so much to show you! 

Where can we hear more of your work?

I’ve got 2 singles and a few collaborations out at the moment. Still so much more to come. You can find it anywhere you like it.


*supporting Carmouflage Rose

Sat 27 Oct       The Grass Is Greener, Cairns

Fri 02 Nov        Northcote Social Club, Melbourne*

Fri 09 Nov        The Triffid, Brisbane*

Sat 10 Nov       The Great Northern, Byron Bay

Fri 16 Nov        Oxford Art Factory, Sydney*

Interview by Emma Jones