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Get to Know: Triple One

5 April 2018 | 9:24 am | Emma Jones

There's no denying that Australia is going through a renaissance period when it comes to hip-hop right now. Artists are emerging with their own, fresh takes on the genre and busting preconceived perceptions wide open with diverse and interesting sounds paired with vast influences to create an absolutely thriving community nation-wide, and Sydney is one of the beating hearts of the movement.

TRIPLE ONE is one act to emerge recently with their own voice, and plenty of things to say. Making a huge impact in their local community, they're now setting their sights on the bigger picture, and with the release of their new EP, The Naughty Corner, they have demonstrated their readiness to really level up. Comprised of rappers Marty Large and Obi Ill Terrors, producer Billy Gunns and vocalist Lil Dijon, the foursome have crafted a rich, detailed and diverse body of work that highlights their versatility and adaptability, pushing themselves beyond the run-of-the-mill hip-hop trademarks to see them ultimately emerge with something really impressive.

This week, they launch their EP with a special hometown show that's shaping up to be a huge one. With SLIM SET also on board to play, they'll be tearing up the Botany View Hotel and showing lots of love for their home crowd who have supported them since the start. Before the show, however, we wanted to get to know them a little better, so check out our little chat below and don't miss their launch tomorrow night!

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Who are you?

Triple One. We’re a four-piece crew from the Inner West of Sydney. Members include Billy Gunns on production, Marty Bukkake Large & Obi ill Terrors doing the rap thing, and Lil Dijon singing some soothing melodies. Friends with benefits.

How did Triple One come to be?

Originally, Marty and Obi met at a party in highschool where they had a forced freestyle, it wasn't serious back then. Marty only started rapping because people said he could, and he was like, “Fuck, I should probably learn how to rap then.”

Later on, Billy (who was best mates and went to school with Marty) bought an MPC 1000, inspired by 90s producers like Dilla and Jake One. On top of that, we bought some recording equipment and the first Triple One songs were getting finished. At the start, it was just funny as hell and we pumped out a full length tape called Press Start. We had songs that we look back on now and are shocked - some seriously ignorant shit, tongue-in-cheek bangs nonetheless.

After all this, when we were a bit more versed in software, recording and who we wanted to be as artists, Lil Dijon shot onto the scene. After a drunken night everyone clicked as mates, Lil Dijon has a weapon of a voice, and the rest is history.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

We're pretty versatile, and we don’t specifically aim for a genre. We have a pretty dark, moody sound when we want to. Our sets are soaked in beer and the majority of them are played at pubs, or whoever will host us.

It's definitely not your classic version of Australian Hip-Hop, we’d say we’re pretty much the opposite, which has been both a blessing and a curse. But we wanna be as original as possible with our work. We keep it mixed between smooth and aggressive, so I don’t know - go listen to our tunes, and you tell us.

Tell us a bit about your new EP, The Naughty Corner?

A six track EP for ya noggins. Recorded in Tarlo, mixed in Sydney, listened to by you chumps. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of sounds, really trying to showcase the versatility of the group and what is in everyone’s repertoire. Some R&B, some heaviness, lots of ad-libs. Billy made all the beats, then rinsed and repeated until we were all happy. Cheeky vibes to some of the songs; a bit of a celebration and coming of musical age.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

More everything. Expect original work in the next few months, and some videos from The Naughty Corner getting crafted as we speak. A few shows here and abroad also getting teed up, so expect a Triple On road trip.

Where can we hear more of your work?

Everywhere on the internet. YouTube, SoundCloud, and some exclusive, insightful BTS videos on Instagram. Add us to your playlists on Spotify and show your mates. because sharing is caring. Other than that, come down and see our live show. We’re actually playing the EP launch on Friday at The Botany View Hotel for the Sydney heads. It’s also for anyone interstate who wants to travel here, because at our last show, two Brazilians drove down from the Gold Coast to watch our set. We shared a beverage with them, and we want to share a beverage with you. Come on down, it’s gonna be a nice time.

Introduction by Emma Jones