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Getting to know rising rap crew, Swish Music

8 May 2020 | 10:16 am | Emma Jones

Steadily on the rise, Swish Music are ready for their moment. We get to know the twelve-person crew before they blow up!

Earlier this year, we stumbled across a song that demanded our attention. Tearing up the streets of inner city Brisbane, Swish Music's Dau Dau and Unamii went toe to toe with a blistering new single titled 'Showtime'. Fast forward a few weeks and we were treated to the song again, only this time with added flair courtesy of fellow South East Queenslanders NERVE and HOODZY. The 'Showtime' remix features all four rappers at the top of their game, not holding anything back as they once again returned to the inner city streets of Brisbane to deliver very fitting visuals for the hard hitting remix.

Comprised of twelve artists, Swish Music hails from the neighbouring city to Brisbane of Ipswich. It's a collective that's proud of their home and one that's on a steady rise since the release of 'Showtime'. Now with a freshly inked deal with Niche as their agents as well as Sony Music onside, it's clear Swish Music are ready for their moment. So, before they well and truly blow up, we wanted to get to know them a bit better to find out more about them. Watch the 'Showtime' remix here and check out our chat with the crew below!

What is Swish Music and who is in the collective?

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Swish music is a music collective crew of musicians that grew up together, all family and friends. Repping their city of Ipswich is how the name Swish Music came into shape, the crew is a group of 12 artists going by:

Dau Dau



Jay Swi$h

TMB The Driver




Dc Ralph

Reddeye Glizzi

Been Ballin


How did Swish Music begin? Who started the collective and how did you come to have so many members?

Swish Music was started by Dau Dau. “I was making music alone at the start, my friends always supported me on every release sharing, listening etc, one day 2 members from the group now asked me if they could get on a Track with me, I didn’t know that they could rap but I said yeah and we made a track, the hood was bumping the song so we had to make another one together and that’s how the group started then from there we started getting more members one by one, day by day, now we sit at 12 members.

Tell us about your latest single, Showtime?

Showtime was a fun track to do honestly, we didn’t really do drill beats like that, we just happen to try it once and it worked out in a way, making the music video for showtime was the best part of the whole process, the video shoot had a lot of energy, Shout-out to 226 Media.

You just got Nerve and Hoodzy on the remix for Showtime, how did this come about?

Dau Dau messaged Nerve about getting on the remix and straight away he was interested and as for Hoodzy the label made that happen but honestly the label made it all happen, big team.

How does your home of Ipswich influence your music?

The city of Ipswich shape’s our sound in rap because of how we grew up in Ipswich. Life in the Swish inspires us to make music a certain way and make it sound like Swish Music. Ipswich influences our music on and off the mic.

What's the rest of 2020 looking like for Swish Music?

2020 is looking bright for Swish Music, Many more music to come, many more wins to take, we plan to reach unbelievable heights, we challenge each other’s and push one another and also seek to have a big year all round.

Interview by Emma Jones