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Get to Know: Ship Sket

18 December 2017 | 10:02 am | Staff Writer

SIDECHAINS' most recent recruit comes in the form of SHIP SKET, a young producer from the UK who makes music that is equal parts terrifying, genre-defying and boundary pushing. Carving out a space entirely his own, his new EP, Body Pit, is a whole lot of horrifying samples, off-kilter rhythms and seemingly out of control moments, yet with Ship Sket at the helm, it still takes you on a journey.

The Sidechains crew are now synonymous with forward-thinking and exciting music, and they're ending their year on a high with Ship Sket's Body Pit. Over the four tracks of the EP, with all its glitchy, shattering production, it can be overwhelming but exhilarating. So, to find out who is behind this work a bit more, we got to know Ship Sket a little more.

Who are you?

A tired boy from North Dorset, England.

How did Ship Sket come to be?

I’ve played music since I was really little and when I was about 11 I started getting into stuff like Aphex Twin and Locust Toybox - that was really what influenced me to start making electronic music. My older brother also had a lot of music equipment around the house and we used to jam together and stuff so he definitely sparked a major interest as well - the sheer amount of potential you have with electronic music was v intriguing and exciting.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

I tend to think of my music as kind of tortured club/grime/bassline. Tracks that are slowly tearing themselves to pieces as they play out but you still wanna skank to them.

Tell us a bit about your debut EP, BODY PIT?

This EP gave me a lot of grief but that is kind of reflected in its rawness (I hope.) It combines a lot of musical elements and sounds that I love into one evil entity. I kind of wanted it to sound as if it were being violently brought back to life, especially with tracks like EXIT WOUND and LEECH HUT where the beats and melodies are almost dragging along behind the actual song. 

What can we expect from you moving forward?

More music.

Where can we hear more of your work?

Classical Chillout No.11

Catch Ship Sket on Sidechains' FBi Radio show this Saturday December 23rd at 10PM-12AM AEDT.

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Body Pit EP is out now via Sidechains.

Image: Supplied