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Get to Know: RAAVE TAPES

20 April 2020 | 4:29 pm | Emma Jones

Newcastle duo RAAVE TAPES have delivered a 100% certified belter with their latest single, 'Red Flag', so we wanted to get to know them!

Newcastle's RAAVE TAPES are a name you should be acquainted with, and their latest single serves as the perfect introduction. Visceral dance-punk that is perfect for fans of Death From Above 1979, the duo have just released a brand new belter titled 'Red Flag' that is a 100% certified banger. Sounding like if Melanie C's 'I Turn To You' was created with The Presets when they first started, it's a frenetic and intense four minutes that puts the "rave" in RAAVE TAPES.

Now a duo, the pair have heralded in a slightly new direction with 'Red Flag', and its one we are absolutely here for. All about "about unwanted attention and advances, and how the deliberate disregard for boundaries can ruin a night out, or have lasting impacts," both Lindsay O'Connell and Joab Eastley shine so brightly on this song with their vocal stylings both sharing centre-stage. Channeling the indie-dance hallmarks of some of our most loved bands like the aforementioned PresetsBloc Party or even earlier Northeast Party House, they're now set to make this year theirs. Before they do, however, we wanted to get to know them a little better. Check out our chat below, and listen to 'Red Flag' right here.

Who are you?

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We’re RAAVE TAPES -  a lil’ dance-punk outfit out of Newcastle. So lovely to meet you x 

How did RAAVE TAPES come to be? What are we talking, vibes-wise?

We were fortunate enough to find our feet in Newcastle around the same time as No-Fi Collective found theirs. We cut our teeth playing a slew of raucous house shows & found a home within that scene. Vibes-wise, we traditionally swayed towards a fairly aggressive brand of dance-punk – think Death From Above 1979 or early DZ Deathrays.  

Tell us more about your single, Red Flag?

Red Flag is the first taste of our harmonious convergence with Sydney producer Fletcher Matthews. Our previous releases had all been recorded in a fairly punk-DIY fashion in Newcastle, whereas Fletch encouraged us to explore the electronic elements of our sound. It definitely feels less like a change in direction, but more of a realization of a sound we’ve always been driving towards. A little less tape, a whole lot more rave if you will. 

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

We’re currently working on juicing up our live set. New sounds bring new gear, so we’ve integrating a bunch of sequencers, drum machines & sample pads into the setup. We’ll be releasing heaps of new music too. Actually, a collab with one of Purple Sneakers’ fave Sydney artists is next cab off the rank I think. Huge mood. 

Where can we hear more from you?

Whichever streaming platform your heart desires – even Tiktok.

Especially Tiktok. 

Introduction by Emma Jones

Image by Liv Jansons