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Get to Know: Order Sixty6

24 June 2020 | 3:24 pm | Emma Jones

Rising Brisbane rap group Order Sixty6 are bound for big things and their debut EP, 'Chester', is all the proof you need.

Brisbane four-piece ORDER SIXTY6 have just released their debut EP, Chester. When we featured them last, we said their's was a name you should get acquainted with, and now with this EP they've proven us right.

Across seven tracks, the Brisbane boys encompass their Saturation-era BROCKHAMPTON influences with their own individual flair to create left-of-centre, experimental hip hop. They've got the classic hallmarks of bygone eras, but they've infused it with modern and futuristic stylings to create something that sounds at once very "now" while paving the way for what will surely be a very exciting evolution of the group to witness. From previous single 'Neighbours' which we premiered on Purple Sneakers to cuts like Suburbia or Rebound, they distill the many complexities of growing up in your early 20s and figuring it all out.

Chester is a relatable, dynamic, adventurous and ambitious EP that goes from the dark and foreboding to the all-out, bombastic and aggressive. With each member delivering their own offerings with confidence and charisma, Chester serves as a perfect introduction to a group that is bound for exciting things. So, with that in mind, what better time to get more acquainted with them then now? Here we Get to Know Order Sixty6 a little better. Check it all out below!

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Who are you?

All of us said this in unison while typing it out. Hive mind style: We are Order Sixty6, a four piece rap group from a galaxy far far away, let loose in a makeshift recording studio.

How did Order Sixty6 come to be?

S.A.B: Professor Paul is the epicentre in terms of how we all met. S.A.B and Professor Paul grew up in Hervey Bay together and met at the local acoustic nights (believe or not). Professor Paul met melrose. through uni and Apollø at BNE rap shows, which were popping off weekly at one point.

The progression into becoming a rap group started with us freestyling in Professor Paul’s bedroom. Naturally, the topic of Star Wars came up throughout our freestyle and next thing you know we’re making our first song about Han Solo - this will never leave the hard drive. If you haven’t figured it out yet, our name comes from one of the most iconic scenes in Star Wars cinematic history. A secret command by Sith Lord Darth Sidious executes “Order 66”, causing the annihilation of all Jedi by their own clone troopers. Much like Sidious, the goal for us four is galactic domination, so don’t be alarmed if you see a Grand Army gathering for Order Sixty6.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

Professor Paul: Our first major influence was Brockhampton. The Saturation music videos were being released right as we were in our infancy as a group, they were a hot topic at every meet-up we had.

Injury Reserve closely followed. I specifically remember ‘Drive It Like It’s Stolen’ being played on a HJs run after a gig or session one night, we all vibe them. As much as they influence us as a group, what really adds to our sound is the influences we have individually. That’s where things get juicy because we all have varying tastes, which is really why our EP is as versatile as it is.

Tell us more about your new EP, Chester?

Melrose.: Chester is our latest EP and is named after the street we made the project on. It’s seven full songs that talk about living in the suburbs, where we come from, our love lives and all the noise complaints we get. (And seeing as the whole thing was made in my bedroom, we got a fair few). It’s music by us misfits for the losers, the outsiders, the unsure and the spacey.

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

Apollø: With Chester out now we’ve got a few music videos planned for release, which includes the video we’re shooting with NIDA as part of the Triple J Unearthed competition. Other than that, we’re just working on more music and patiently waiting till we can start playing shows again.

Where can we hear more from you?

Melrose.: Here’s our latest music video for our song Showcase feat. Kevin Collett. You can find our new EP, Chester, on all streaming platforms and check out our other music videos on our YouTube channel.

And follow us on Instagram or TikTok - @order_sixty6! We also make lots of music individually, so be sure to check out S.A.B, melrose., Professor Paul and Apollø wherever you listen to music!

Interview by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied