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Motez and Cassian sit down for a chat ahead of massive Sydney club show

27 November 2019 | 11:25 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

To celebrate and build hype for their Sydney show we put Motez and Cassian to the task of asking each other a few questions.

Community is a key part of our Aussie dance scene. Motez and Cassian have been kicking around, touring the globe together, going b2b and tearing up greenrooms for years. The Sydney based pair of house DJs now look to their biggest local show to date together, hitting up Sydney's Universal Club on the 30th of November, hosted by Finely Tuned and Finer Things.

To celebrate, build hype for the show and get an insight into their personal relationship, we put them to the task of asking each other a few questions. They reveal some secrets about a couple crazy memories, their creative process and everything in between.

Motez: Cass! I am pumped for November 30 in Sydney at Universal Club... but before we dive into the future, let's take a step into the past... we've been hanging in night clubs and sharing secrets in green-rooms for some time now... what's your earliest memory of our friendship?

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Cassian: I know we had some good hangs before this but I remember (part of) a very fun late night / early morning in Miami at WMC in, I think, 2014

Motez: That's right, we claimed to be Gorgon City (sorry Matt & Kye) and got ourselves into a party, I think it was Joris Voorn? and that's when I met my first US agent Latane Hughes and we all hung out and had the best time

Cassian: So Tez, tell me, 'Where Have You Been'!? and when are we going to see each other next?

Motez: I have been everywhere dude, did lots of work in LA and back now here in Adelaide to finish it off, I cannot wait to play them for you and our friends at Universal Club next weekend

And what's the latest in your world Cass? One minute in LA, the next back in Australia... are you back now for the summer?

Cassian: I've actually officially moved in to QANTAS flight QF12 LAX to SYD so I'll be back and forth constantly for the foreseeable future. I'll next be back in Sydney for this redouvouse with you sir!

I am loving the new club heat coming from you recently Tez, especially 'Where Have You Been' which I've been flogging every set... what has sparked this darker direction? Tell us what's in your most played...

Motez: It's not really dark as such for me as it is serious, I call it 'dance music with purpose', music that has story and gravitas, I do love having fun moments in what I make and every now and then I turn a little bit serious just to change things up, I promise there will be brighter moments that people will hear very soon

Speaking of heat, you have been a busy man with your own singles and a bunch of remixes. What has your personal favourite release to work on for 2019 and why?

Cassian: Honestly I've loved all of it. Been really enjoying working on my album and releasing a few singles leading up to that. Also loved getting back in the remix game, the Rufus Du Sol, Bob Moses, Hayden James and upcoming Yotto remix are probably my favorites of the year but I've loved each and every one I've done

And how about 2020 Tez... Is it too soon to be speaking new year's resolutions?! Can't believe we're nearly there... what's on the cards for Motez?

Motez: My new year's resolution is to keep going to the gym and getting fit, which we have spoken about before, and trying not to take things too seriously and have more fun in the process. 2020 is going to be a year of lots of new releases and more and more stuff in the direction of 'Where Have You Been' and 'Toggle', I have been enjoying making music that makes me think, lots of melody and movement, music that has weight and class, not something people will always hear

And did I hear through the Grapevine (or maybe just on your Instagram) that a Cassian debut album is coming? Anything juicy there to tell us?

Cassian: Not much other than it's coming and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel which is a great feeling!

With this Sydney show coming around fast, what can we expect from you at our Universal Sydney rendezvous? I am feeling some dark, melodic, techy energy....

Motez: Oh mate, you probably know more than most what I have cooking, will be playing lots of that and some more *wink wink*

Music and nightclubs aside Cass... you know your way around a tour of health and Sydney... most importantly, where are we getting dinner before our set?

Cassian: Entree: Barbells Main Course: Kettlebells Desert: 10k run LOL. So excited for the 30th man, thanks for inviting me to warm it up for you

Motez: Can't wait to play and hang with you Cass, love what you've done and your musical output, proud to call you a mate and a sounding board for all my gym complaints and musical queries, next batch brew on me!

All tix and info to the show here

Image of Motez via Caitlin Medcalf

Image of Cassian provided.