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Mild Minds takes us through his debut album, 'MOOD'

13 March 2020 | 11:59 am | Staff Writer

Melbourne born, LA based Mild Minds has released his debut album, MOOD, today via Foreign Family Collective.

Melbourne-born, LA-based artist Mild Minds has released his debut album today. Titled MOOD, it's nine tracks of otherworldly, diverse and dynamic electronica that highlights this artist as one worth keeping an eye on. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Bonobo, Maribou State, Caribou and Four Tet, Mild Minds is the brainchild of Benjamin David and with his debut record out on Odesza's Foreign Family Collective, it seems he's picking up fans all over the world with his meticulous production style. His detailed, emotive dance music gets in under your skin, and with its unpredictable twists and turns, there's never a dull moment in the many worlds he creates.

Fresh off receiving a Grammy nomination for ‘Best Remixed Recording’ via the remix of ‘SWIM’ by US producer ford., it's been all systems go for Mild Minds, and now with MOOD out in the world, he's leveling up. To get to know him a bit better and to dive into MOOD further, Mild Minds has kindly given us a track-by-track rundown of his debut record. Check it all out below and stream MOOD right here!


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I wanted to create a track that felt alive, that breaths, moves and recreates a physiological reaction.  A rush of adrenaline and the warping of time perception as it kicks in. The surge of running a marathon or anticipation of romance. The track starts at 100bpm crescendoes to 107bpm and then back down. This is my personal favourite.

Formations was a carefree track. It reminds me of new experiences and beginnings. If you listen closely you can hear the textures of summer insects and birds. Something which and any Australian child remembers fondly. Our summers align with the end of the school year and the build up of Christmas celebrations. Meaning endless time for adventure and no responsibility. I miss it.


This was the track that started it all, I’d been jamming on the Elektron Analog Keys back in 2017 and made the begging of this track.  I felt the urge to follow it through but quickly talked myself out of it as I usually did for something that didn’t feel ‘career worthy’. I hadn’t really sung on a full song before.

After coming back from Japan with a new perspective, I said fuck it and did it anyway. This was the first of many tracks to come.


This track is about the disintegration of a relationship I had. When you both know it’s time to end it, the anxiety and intensity that builds as something has to give.


I created this song out in the desert, watching the sun set pink over beige rocks. Solitude is partly to do with the reason this album came together so quickly also an important part of creation that I cherish. This was another track that I wanted to feel ‘alive’ and have that human motion hidden with the synths to contrast the robotic nature of most dance music. It represents the inexplicable energy that moves through us. This track was made almost completely in that one day.


Music used to feel beautiful to me and I haven’t really found myself making anything that beautiful in recent years, this was an attempt to change that and something I want to carry into new music.

This was a track that I was able to really explore textures an ambient sounds. Inspired by a moment in Japan that I discovered the peace and beauty in ambient music.

Views came together quite quickly and naturally.  I was reflecting on the arch of relationships, where you plant a seed and start your journey - whether that be with someone or something - and wondering if your journey together is meant to bloom over time in close proximity to you, or if it needs it's own space and time to roam.


Was the last track produced for the album. I loved it but we almost pulled it. It is now one off my favorite tracks on there. It represents moment in which I really started to find the sound and direction of the album. It doesn't try to be anything whilst simultaneously setting up the rest of the album.

The chords and rhythm intentionally create tension and anxiety- always anticipating a step too soon, it represents the state i wanted to step away from when making this music.  The lyrics play on this idea further, they explore the dichotomy of the two people we all have inside us. One part of you wants to move forward but your other half, fear and anxiety pulls you back down.


The meaning behind ‘WALLS’ is somewhat dichotomous, we wanted the track to have a dual meaning depending on the listener.  Boats wanted the message to be somewhat political, a nod to the issues happening at the American border, whilst I wanted to originally referencing the more internal and interpersonal walls we build every day. As Boats says, Walls have been built and those same walls have been brought down. It's important to remember that people's desire will always win out over state or forced control - if there is a significant will. I think a lot of people forget or simply don't respect the power of protest

Image: Supplied