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Get to Know: Milan Ring

10 April 2018 | 9:38 am | Emma Jones

Sydney artist MILAN RING has the "it" factor. There's something about her and her music that makes you pay attention. Her voice commands you to listen, and her lyrics cut to the core of you immediately. Paired with RnB, soulful production, she's on the steady rise to stardom, and it's about time we all jumped on board her hype train!

Having already found herself in the studio with the likes of SZA, LL Cool J, The Social Experiment Crew, BJ The Chicago Kid, Neff-U, Randy Jackson and D.R.A.M, as well as recently being announced as one of the supports on SAMPA THE GREAT's upcoming BBEE9 show in Sydney, Milan Ring's name is getting out there. Her most recent single, '2063', is a snapshot into the immense potential she's sitting on, building on her exceptional back catalogue that dates back to 2014. Infusing neo 90s, soul, jazz, electro, RnB and more, Ring is amongst the very few producing, engineering and releasing music projects to the level she's at, and while she's been at it for a minute now, we get the feeling that her time to shine is just around the corner.

Before the rest of the world catches on, we got to know her a little better to talk about her new single, '2063', how she got started and what's still to come. Check it all below!

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Who are you?

I am an artist/producer/mixing & mastering engineer from the Inner West of Sydney. I am also a label owner and am self managed.

How did Milan Ring come to be?

I started making music in 2010 roughly, my first EP was created in 2013 and from then I just kept releasing music, and trying to learn everything that there is to know about music and the industry.

What are we talking, vibes-wise? 

R&B, Soul mainly - with a drizzle of electronic, hip-hop and reggaeton vibes.

Tell us a bit about your new single, '2063'?

This one is a soulful track for myself and although I recorded and produced this track over many months in multiple different locations around the globe (and mostly the musicians were never at the same session together). It still has that very raw and live organic feel to it, which I think rings true to a lot of the soul indie fusion, which can be heard spilling out of Sydney and it’s venues right now.

2063 is about the psychic connection I believe we can share with our loved ones, that no matter what other noise is going on true connectivity is key.

What can we expect from you moving forward?

This year I am going to be rolling out a lot of projects I’ve been working on, starting with ‘Unbounded’ and now ‘2063’. Some live videos, as well as a bunch of collabs!

I have a stream of shows coming up, as I’m now working with Vita artists for my bookings so I am excited for what is to come show-wise. I am also currently building the MXMAY studios in Marrickville, which will also have a work space and a mastering suite.

Where can we hear more of your work?

All over the place! WebsiteSpotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram.

Catch Milan Ring supporting Sampa The Great

Thursday 19th April - The Lair, Sydney​

Image via Facebook