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Mallrat talks inspiration, touring & what she's got up her sleeve

13 August 2019 | 12:41 pm | Izzy Stackpool

Our homegrown girl Mallrat has been making waves all over the world, and isn’t stopping anytime soon. We sit down with her ahead of a huge few months.

Our homegrown girl Mallrat has been making waves all over the world, and isn’t stopping anytime soon. A talented writer, musician, singer and rapper, she’s the sweet soul keeping pop cool.

The Brisbane native released her debut EP Uninvited in 2016 while she was in her final year of high school. If that didn’t already prove her undeniable musical prowess and drive to be her best self, she then went on to perform at Splendour in the Grass in 2017 alongside artists like Allday and Peking Duk.

2017 saw her sign with Canadian label Nettwerk Records and Australian label Dew Process, while also heading out on tour with Peking Duk. Following this, she released a handful of singles including ‘Better’, ‘Groceries’ and ‘UFO’ featuring Allday, which were all part of her 2018 EP, In the Sky. Her second EP saw continued success with the tracks ‘Groceries’ and ‘UFO’ placing in the 2018 Triple J’s Hottest 100.

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This year has seen Mallrat heading out on a massive national headline tour with Basenji and Kota Banks along for the ride. She still has a number of exciting shows to come this year, including touring both Australia and the United States alongside Allday and performing at this year's three-date Grapevine Gathering.

A few days back, she gave us the first cut from her forthcoming third EP, Driving Music, set to be out on September 6. 'Charlie' sees Mallrat giving us her most vulnerable moment yet. She uses the track to open up about her strained relationship with her mother and a past that she's learned to overcome.

Ahead of these huge few months for her, we spoke to her about the upcoming EP, touring and some of her favourite moments.

You’ve been making music since you were young, what inspires you?

When I’m writing I think people just inspire me and nature inspires me.

Have you always wanted to be involved with music, was that your childhood dream?

Well music was always number one, but there were definitely points where I didn’t think it was realistic.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into the industry?

I think I would say people are expecting a struggling artist stereotype but it’s a real job and you can make good money if you’re thinking smart and you’re good about it. So, I feel like they should tell people that!

You’ve played some amazing shows, has there been any particular performance that has stood out for you?

There have been a handful that stand out, like whenever we play Field Festival in Tasmania. We’ve done that twice and both of them have been two of my favourite shows ever. I don’t know why exactly but the crowds are just so cool, the weather is perfect and they just give me so much energy. That’s a really memorable festival for me. We also played in Dublin recently and that was crazy cool! The people there are so energetic and fun. Splendour is also always really fun as well.

Since coming into the industry is there any experience that has been particularly crazy?

Honestly crazy things are always happening and I don’t even know anymore. There’s no normalcy, crazy stuff is always happening. Like just even being able to travel the world for my job is crazy. So everyday something amazing happens.

Speaking of travelling the world, you have an upcoming tour with Allday that is heading to the States, how does that feel?

It’s good! We’ve done a few tours in the states now and its hard work honestly, so I’m kind of just enjoying it while it’s not happening yet. Because during the States there’s a lot of sitting in an uncomfortable van and looking out the window and seeing the exact same thing for eight hours. But it’s going to be really good because it’s just such a fun group of friends. Everybody on that tour is literally my best friend, like Allday is my best friend, my DJ is my best friend, Allday’s DJ is my other best friend. We all have matching tattoos, it’s a really solid squad. So I’m really excited, yeah.

So you have your Driving Music EP coming out soon, how does it differ from your other two?

I think it’s just better. I guess I’m just becoming a better songwriter and producer as I go on. I’m just really proud of it and I think the songs are pretty special.

Has anything special been the inspiration behind it?

Not really, it’s just a collection of different moments. It was called Driving Music because I have a lot of demos that I thought were going to be on the EP that weren’t, and a lot are kind of set in the car. You know like driving around late at night with your friends, I feel like those moments are so special and it’s nice to be able to bottle them up in a song. But actually only two songs on the EP are even about driving but I still liked the name anyway so I just kept it.

Lastly, who have you been listening to at the moment?

There’s a Spanish singer called Rosalía who is incredible. Allday’s new album is beautiful. I recently rediscovered an old Kanye song from Late Registration called ‘Gone’ and it’s so good! So I recommend that. I love old Kanye… and new Kanye and future Kanye.

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Photo by She Is Aphrodite